$15 million is raised by Bitwave for a crypto tax platform.

Bitwave, a corporation based in the United States, offers crypto businesses tax and accounting services at the 3.0 level. He will be able to release his product after the company completed a funding round.

Accounting for Bitwave and cryptocurrency businesses: cutting-edge tools for organizations

Bitwave’s Series A fundraising round, which was led by VC hack and BlockchainCapitaland and included such VC firms as SignalFire and Valor Equity Partners, raised $15 million.

With this funding, we can finally get Bitwave Institutional off the ground! This tool is intended to facilitate better tax administration, accounting, auditing, and reporting for institutions that own trade or use cryptocurrencies.

The current Bitwave platform is used by Bitwave Institutional. Its sophisticated features, such as the ability to track several balance sheets, more than makeup for this, though.

Bitwave is a San Francisco-based startup that began operations in 2018. More than 30 cryptocurrency firms, such as OpenSea, Compound, and Polygon, would make up his customer portfolio.

Therefore, Bitwave is concluding another funding round to enhance its offering at a time when more and more nations are implementing a tax structure exclusive to cryptocurrencies to fill public coffers by capitalizing on the expansion of web3.

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