2035: Bitcoin and Metaverse deflation [Crypto Dystopie].

In 2035, what will the world be like as we know it? – Our most beloved cryptocurrencies—will we no longer have access to them, or will we find that we depend on them even more than before? Will the blockchain technology behind Bitcoin have altered the way the world looks? It was entertaining for us to envisage our world in the not-too-distant future by telling ourselves short stories. The events that take place in the following narrative are fictitious and imagined; they in no way attempt to predict the future. Have some fun with us and ride in the DeLorean JDC as we head toward the year 2035.

The year 2035 marks the beginning of the era of the metaverse.

September 20, 2035, 8:50 a.m., Dassault business, Biarritz – The windows are being shaken by a hailstorm that is falling outside. A stormy weather pattern that no longer surprises anyone in this area. The effects of climate change may now be seen daily. Around the coffee machines, people are having fruitful conversations.

Yvan, I want to reassure you that the collection NFT of the Baby Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) is not going to be discarded as a whole. Régis maintains that their metaverse, the Otherverse, is not nearly as terrible as it seems. It is a fantastic match for those that have been constructed by The SandBox and Decentraland.

According to Yvan’s response, I believe that purchasing an NFT for virtual access and receiving two or three airdrops of garments is somewhat restrictive. Even if it is a piece of artwork created by the artist Pascal Boyart, it is still something else!

Régis is sceptical, yet he concedes the point with good grace despite his uncertainty.

– And you, Marjorie, what do you think?

“Oh my, I’m opening up my store in the metaverse right this very second. I hope to make some announcements about it during tonight’s celebration that will be held at the Casino.

The Earth was consumed by the metaverse in the year 2035.


Bitcoin will continue to rule the economy in 2035 as well.

Elsa arrives at the André Malraux high school at 10:50 in the morning and on the way there she passes the Soares bakery. She walks into the shop since she can’t shake the feeling that she needs a croissant.

— 133 satoshis! It is a low cost.

The following day, his mother had made plans to take him to a seminar about Bitcoin. The clock is ticking for her.

The effects of the Great Energy Crisis of 2023 have had a profoundly transformative effect on society. At the time, people throughout Europe rose to bring to light the disgraceful excesses of the financial sector. In just a few short years, this one underwent a total transformation. In addition to the euro, a deflationary model that is based on Bitcoin has been implemented. Comparable to the two sides of the same coin, which both work simultaneously while trying to find a point of equilibrium between them.

In the year 2035, young people are completely obsessed with NFT collections.

It is already 12:15 in the afternoon, and the hail has ceased. Students in high school make the most of the calm before the storm. As you leave, direct your thoughts on yourself. Armand comes dangerously close to falling on the wet concrete.

“Because I’ve already mentioned that the above collection is a fantastic endeavor. Their characters are fashionable and can move freely between different metaverses. And they have a wide variety of collaborations!

Louis remains doubtful.

– Yeah … The mint did not turn out to be very profitable. There have been sales of not all NFTs as of yet.

— At the moment, Ba is interested in a wide variety of projects.

“Hey, I just found out that some members of the RTFKT team are going to be attending the conference tomorrow…

NFTs are more popular among younger generations than Pokemon cards in the year 2035.
Bitcoin, once considered taboo, has recently become the darling of the public. 2035 will mark the beginning of the Republic of Bitcoin.

2:30 p.m. – Jonathan is seated at a table in the Bleu Café that overlooks the beach. He has his nose buried in his newspaper and is doing his best to ignore the clinking of the windows as the hail continues to fall outside. “France, going from a paradigm that was dependent on debt to one that was deflationary for the economy. monetary upheaval as a starting point for a revolution”

Without giving up on the euro, France has been experimenting with a brand new monetary system that is based on bitcoin for the past two years. After going through a few economic shifts, which were not without their share of challenges, it is now supported by a legitimate store of value, which is Bitcoin. It is an exercise in daily reflection for the citizens, many of whom were first resistant to the idea of such a profound change in their community. On the other hand, automatisms can be learned gradually over time. The world is undergoing transformation, and we can already see and feel the positive effects of adopting this new approach.

It will have required an unparalleled uprising of the people to oust the elites from power and establish a new democracy that is based on the permanent referendum and slower, but more carefully deliberated judgments. The year 2035 marks the beginning of the 6th Republic, also known as the Republic of Bitcoin.

After finishing his cup of tea, Jonathan pays for his meal by scanning the QR code that has been affixed to the table. the Lightning Network makes everything so much easier. He looks at his watch for a moment. It is not a problem; there is still some time left before the meeting begins.

In the year 2035, the general population discovers that they are Surfin’ Bitcoin.

At four in the afternoon, Victor is so intent on the task at hand that he stands up on his surfboard when he rides a wave. He managed to catch one more wave before the day was over by taking advantage of a break in the hailstorm. It has to be at five o’clock p.m. The 16th edition of Surfin Bitcoin will be held at the Biarritz Casino. This year, the world is going to go completely bonkers.

The Bitcoin and cryptocurrency community can now point to Surfin’ Bitcoin as THE conference to attend.

7 p.m. – Who are all these folks? On the inside, Justine is taken aback. She pours glasses of champagne with a vengeance even though she is extremely overwhelmed. These celebrations mark the beginning of three days that will be filled with seminars centered on subjects that currently captivate everyone on the planet, specifically cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin.

A young man asks another young man between two conversations with friends about the intervention of Vitalik Buterin the day following, “Could you please give me a haircut?”


For some weeks, people have been anticipating the release of announcements concerning the execution of The Splurge.

10:30 p.m. – The evening is in full swing, and the participants are happy to belong to this caste and believed in it as they share their thoughts, ideas, and opinions and help transform the world. he or she was the one who understood how to set off a tipping point within this rigid society, whose boundaries are notoriously tough to shift.

In 2035, would there still be a clear distinction between the real world and the metaverse?

Matthieu downs his drink in one gulp lays the empty glass on the table in front of him in a distracted manner and then walks to the far end of the rooftop. The night is beautiful, and there are no clouds in the sky to obscure the view of the stars. After basking in the paradisaical ambiance of the location for a brief while, he decides to cut off his connection to the metaverse.

Matthieu takes the virtual reality headgear off of his face as he lies in bed. After a speedy shower, he will go straight to bed. Because of the lectures the next day, he needs to be in good form. Since the beginning of the day, hail has been relentlessly pelting the glass panes of his window. It appears to be a nearly permanent occurrence.

In what kind of a world will we reside in 2035? Will the incoherent monetary policies pursued by the elites have finally brought about the collapse of the financial system in its current form? Will the technical advancements brought forth by web3 and the metaverse have led to a shift in the way we perceive the world? In the year 2022, one thing that cannot be denied is that the future is still unknown. We are at a loss for what to do given the current state of affairs, which includes crises, conflict, inflation, and short recession. Therefore, while we wait for further clarity, we might as well try to imagine what the future holds for us.

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