2035: Bitcoin attacked by States [Crypto Dystopie]

What will our world be like in 2035? – Our favorite cryptos will they have disappeared or will they be more than ever at the heart of our lives? Will the Bitcoin blockchain have changed the face of the world? We had fun, through little stories, to imagine our world in the not so distant future. The story that follows is fictionalized, imaginary, without any pretension to guess the future. Have fun with us and embark in the DeLorean JDC, direction 2035!

Bitcoin declared enemy of states

2035, a world where bitcoin mining is banned…

October 11, 2035, Angers remand center, 10 a.m. Arnold turns in his cell, he has just been locked up awaiting his judgment. He has no illusions, he will be doomed. Cursed French dictatorship… All that for having defended the ideals of freedom, the rights of citizens in the face of censorship. For proclaiming loud and clear his love for Bitcoin.

In this padlocked world, Bitcoin is a task. A task that must be erased quickly.

11 a.m. – Charles sets off through the green alleys of Parc Balzac. Jogging is ideal for expelling all your daily frustrations through effort. And he really needs it, he’s pissed. The state has just banned the ownership of Bitcoin mining machines.

France continues to defend tooth and nail a currency which is no longer worth anything and which is not its own. Following the collapse of the euro and the pound sterling in 2023, the old continent was forced to adopt the dollar, abandoning its sovereignty to the Americans.

The dollar imposes itself in Europe, definitively putting an end to the euro

The USA having banned Bitcoin to protect their beloved dollar, France is stupidly doing the same… plague Charles. Like the leader of fierce anti-bitcoin propaganda. However, it is the only one to have acted in this way in Europe, for the moment…

12:45 p.m. – After his shower, Charles leaves his home and takes the rue d’Alsace towards the Place du Ralliement. He sits down at a table in his favorite restaurant, Les Petits Prés. Patrick the waiter approaches him.

– Hi Pat ‘, a formula of the day please.

2035, China, the world’s leading power, seized Taiwan

Alright, let’s think about it. It all started 5 years ago, after the annexation of Taiwan by China. Following Russia’s conquest of Ukraine a few years earlier, China sprang into action. What a masterstroke from the Russians, it must be said. Seize a strategic territory while plunging Europe into the most serious energy crisis in its history.

China did the same with Taiwan, but this time the crisis is monetary. The USA has veiled its face on its alleged greatness, on its supposed world dominance. The advent of the reserve currency of BRICSbased on a basket of currencies including gold and the digital yuan, dealt a fatal blow to the dollar.

In decline for decades, the USA and Europe have lost their dominance to China and the BRICS.  Neither side is for Bitcoin.
The USA and its dollar, weakened by China, which has become the world’s leading power

Despite the tensions, China avoided a frontal conflict with America and a nuclear war that would have ravaged the Earth. However, the planet has split in two, the BRICS on one side, the USA and old Europe on the other. And neither side is on Bitcoin’s side.

As soon as the territory was taken, the Chinese took over the electronic chip industry, monopolizing the Taiwanese know-how of TMSC. Worse still, continuing their anti-bitcoin policy, they forced ASIC producers like bitmain to close, bringing the mining industry to a halt.

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The second Cold War, towards a repression of freedoms?

One citizen pass to rule them all

1:30 p.m. – Captivated by his inner reflection, Charles almost forgot to pay his bill.

This done, he returns home to resume writing his novel. He owes his publisher a book for the end of the year and is still missing several chapters.

2:30 p.m. – On TV, the news loops.

— …several demonstrators imprisoned since yesterday following the protest movements in France against the recent anti-bitcoin law, announces Clara Couvray. Their leader, Arnold Heurdecoin will be judged this evening. Furthermore, holders of Ledger keys will be charged a reduction of 50 points on the score of their Pass Citoyen. A reduction which, let us say, would prevent these French people from accessing certain healthcare reimbursements, their children from certain studies…

— Under the pretext of the return of the Cold War between the Eastern bloc and the Western bloc, the government is once again restricting our freedoms! Charles gets angry.

In times of war, all means are good to put an end to innovations weakening the power in place. And Bitcoin is one of them.

The fight against the statethe ultimate test of faith?

4:45 p.m. – After blackening several pages, Charles raises his head and watches the price of Bitcoin. The huge red candle ripping through his screen turns his stomach. It’s a field of ruin, a decline like he’s never known. Could Bitcoin be failing?

The threat is in the minds of all bitcoiners, the pure and simple ban on mining by the States, a real obstacle to the development of the Bitcoin network.
The ban on mining in the USA and France, the beginning of a vertiginous fall for Bitcoin?

7:30 p.m. – Arnold is sweating profusely. Despite convictions that he thought were unshakable, built up over the years, now he hesitates. The hope for a new Bitcoin paradigm serving a better world was great, the disappointment at failure is immense.

He even thought about leaving the country. But in these times of war and energy shortage, you need a reinforced concrete justification to be able to travel. Tourism is no longer one. His Ledger key won’t pass airport scans and baggage searches are thorough.

8 p.m. – Broadcast live on TV, Arnold’s judgment is final. 10 years in prison. For simply demonstrating.

– The state is an example to discourage any opposition … he gets angry for his wife, Christelle, just returned from the office.

For years, Bitcoiners had been preparing for a bitter fight with governments, but no one expected such a reaction, such violence. You have to believe that in wartime, everything is permitted…

Bitcoin, an end? Or just the beginning…

10:30 p.m. – Charles, nervously exhausted, unplugs his mining machine, goes outside and walks like a zombie the few meters that separate him from his gate. He tosses his device into the dumpster and stares at his Ledger key, hesitantly.

– Honey, come see, called his wife.

His key still in hand, Charles returns to the living room.

– Look, said Christelle, showing him the screen of his laptop.

‘Breaking: theGermany rebels against the USA and adopts Bitcoin as legal tender’ headlines the Journal du Coin.

Would there still be hope? Charles thinks.

It is obvious that the obstacles in Bitcoin’s road will still be many. What is this road anyway? There are many disagreements about the real rpurpose of bitcoin. Should it become a world reserve currency like gold, or serve as a basis for international trade? Won’t government appropriation of bitcoin end up corrupting bitcoin like what happened with gold? Because, basically, you can’t change human nature. In this case, will Bitcoin finally remain ad vitam æternam the uncensorable peer-to-peer medium of exchange that it has always been, condemned to be used on the margins of state policies? Only the future will tell. On the other hand, the aid provided by the protocol through the banking of populations and the transition to renewable energies will remain engraved in the marble of our societies, undeniable, unalterable, unfalsifiable.

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