23,000 extra bitcoins! MicroStrategy unveils its new purchase plan

MicroStrategy has just announced that it has completed a private financing round of $500 million. This operation aimed at institutions will enable the issue of securities with an annual return of 6.125%. The amount raised will be used exclusively for the purchase of bitcoins so as to strengthen MicroStrategy’s position as the king of cryptocurrency assets.

MicroStrategy and Bitcoin, the love story continues

As the crypto market is rocked, Bitcoin is down more than 65% since its last ATH, and it’s on its own now recently questioned by American tax justice, Michael Saylor does not deviate from a satoshi of its (micro)-strategy: accumulate more and more bitcoins.

And even if the person concerned is no longer CEO of thecompany he founded at the beginning of the 1980s, this did not prevent him from continuing to decline his initial plan. An entire plan structured around a simple methodology: transform as much fiat money as possible (which he loathes) into its equivalent in bitcoins, whatever the price. If there were to be a DCA deity (Dollar Cost Averaginga strategy for accumulating long-term financial assets), his features would probably be inspired by the whimsical billionaire.

New demonstration with, a few hours ago, the broadcast of a communicated from MicroStrategy. The company announces the completion of a raising of 500 million dollars in the context of a private issue of financial securities intended for institutional investors. These securities, with a reported return of 6.125%, will be backed by future purchases in bitcoins, for a sum of around 488 million dollars.

These are so – at current price of about $21,300 – nearly 23,000 bitcoins which are reportedly set to join MicroStrategy’s war chest, currently standing at just over 92,000 BTC.

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