3313 bitcoins in ballad – The Luna Foundation denies everything

The bigger it is, the more it’s acceptable – With a founder who is not on the runand a foundation that does not move bitcoins, the Luna Foundation continues to claim that it does “nothing” dishonest.

Who could these bitcoins belong to?

One of the troll the best known in the crypto community (after friend Elon Musk), namely Do Kwon, Luna’s dad is still “safe, but not on the run”. Justice, who is starting to be slightly annoyed (who can blame him) has therefore decided to act by hitting the crux of the war directly, the wallet.
This is why the prosecutors in charge of the Terra case have launched a procedure to freeze not less than 3313 bitcoins of the foundation, listed on various exchanges.

It would therefore seem logical that Do Kwon, who has cryptos scattered all over the place, tries to get his other bitcoins out of the various platforms that host them so as not to risk that they too will be blocked.

But, according to the foundation, these 3313 bitcoins do not belong to them! The transfer of these funds, Binance at Kucoin and OKX is not their doing. If the court freezes them, it won’t affect the foundation. This completely contradicts the analysis made by CryptoQuantwhich claims that these funds belong to Luna, and that the wallet created on September 15 was to begin this transit.
To justify itself, the foundation publicly displays the address of its “treasure”, explaining that nothing has changed since May.

The LFG BTC treasury wallet is: bc1q9d4ywgfnd8h43da5tpcxcn6ajv590cg6d3tg6axemvljvt2k76zs50tv4q. LFG has not created new wallets or moved BTC or other tokens held by LFG since May 2022.»

Luna Foundation Guard – Source: Twitter

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Luna white as snow?

If we take a closer look, indeed the address which contains 313 bitcoins (about $6 million) has not known any movements since the May 18.
But who can really believe that Luna, and its founder, do not have other wallets that still remain hidden, whether from our eyes or those of the investigators?

It seems rather unlikely, if not downright impossible, that the foundation did not create other addresses to store funds, ” in case“. Especially when you see that its creator, who is not on the run, does everything to escape the police and Interpol. Honesty is not the feeling that comes out at first sight when talking about this team.

So should we believe the Luna officials, who deny being the owners of these 3313 bitcoins? Or, should we consider that their “chest” of war will be amputated by more than 64 million dollars?

The adventure is not over! No doubt it won’t be long before Do Kwon does not make a new intervention, or that justice discovers other wallets which “do not belong” to the Foundation. To be continued in the next episode !

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