$500 million more and one less CEO – Elon Musk unleashes Twitter with Binance

The bluebird in the web 3 Twitter is now owned by Elon Musk and Binance. The cryptocurrency exchange has been on the list of investors who have not let go of the Tesla founder since the billionaire announced his plan to buy the social network earlier this year.

A crypto investor at Twitter

On October 28, in a communication emailed to CoinDesk media, Binance confirmed that it had invested alongside Elon Musk in the takeover of Twitter.

In a tweet posted the same day, Changpeng “CZ” Zhao reported that the crypto exchange had wired the $500 million contribution to the operation, ” 2 days ago “.

As the CEO of Binance pointed out in another tweet, now the social network has at least a crypto investor in its capital.

Elon Musk releases the bluebird

In addition, we also learn that now at the helm of the bluebird social network, Elon Musk has dismissed part of the management staff. Indeed, 3 key people were thanked:

  • Its managing director, Parag Agrawal ;
  • The financial director, Ned Segal ;
  • Vijaya Gaddethe Head of Legal, Trust and Safety Policy.

The new director of Twitter thus confirms his intentions to change Twitter and free it from bots, the scourge of the social network, but also of its staff.

Waiting to see the next concrete achievements of Twitter in favor of web3, this cryptocurrency has already taken advantage of the changes within the social network to explode.

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