7 million NFT for a Universal park – Moonpay goes to industrial scale

Halloween in the web 3 – Visitors to Universal Studios parks will be able to take part in a treasure hunt, with millions of non-fungible tokens (NFT) which will be minted by MoonPay.

The hunt for NFT QR codes is on

NFTs or pranks? The Universal Studios parks in California and Florida offer their visitors a treasure hunt which will take place from October 15 to 31 and will be based on NFTs. Participants will have to scanner 7 QR codes hidden in the park to earn their non-fungible tokens.

Regarding the technical aspect of the event, the payment platform MoonPay supports Universal Studios, through its Hypermint minting servicewhich will create up to 7 million NFTs. Holders of special non-fungible tokens won during this treasure hunt will have access to additional benefits.

Universal Studios offers a scavenger hunt to win NFTs

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A user experience on a whole new level

According to explanations of the CEO of MoonPay, Ivan Soto-Wright, to The Block media, participants in the treasure hunt do not need advanced knowledge of cryptocurrencies. They will be able to claim their NFTs via a web page where they will indicate their email address. MoonPay will take care of both minting and creating a wallet for park visitors.

Ivan Soto-Wright is thus trying to sell this event supported by Hypermint. He advances these arguments relating to a user experience optimization visitors. In this marketing and commercial communication exercise, the CEO of MoonPay also mentions “a real use case” of the NFTs that the company is trying “to demonstrate to people”going beyond the traditional use of non-fungible tokens for profile photos.

Soto-Wright also spoke to Fortune Media to outline the benefits of this type of NFT experience for the park. Initiatives similar to this treasure hunt would be part of the issues related to the increase in lifetime value client or deepening thecommitment of a company with its end customer.

Universal Studios and MoonPay parks show a another way to use the NFT in the entertainment industry. They “grow” web 3 to ordinary people, through this initiative for Halloween. This treasure hunt is also an opportunity for MoonPay to demonstrate the effectiveness of its Hypermint service, launched last June.

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