A $50 trillion Eldorado? Global stock exchanges on the lookout

Towards the future and beyond – The fund managed by Cathie Wood is one of the institutional players who are betting the most on the rise of cryptocurrencies. Ark Invest has just recruited Brett Winston in place of ” chief futurist in order to expand its research department. While thecrypto winter Already knocking for a few months, Winston wants to be reassuring and still believes in its value proposition. Especially since the explosion of crypto is, according to him, accompanied by a ” technology boom » Simultaneous.

Cryptos, artificial intelligence, robotics: the future is being prepared now

The title of Brett Winston’s new position is something to smile about. But his role is decidedly serious and the new “ Mr Future from Ark Invest was quick to describe his vision. In a maintenance granted to The Block, Winston details his technological gamble:

ARK will assess the impact of this unprecedented tech boom as it transforms the markets for public equities, private equities, crypto assets […] and the global economy”

This reflects the time horizon on which Ark Invest is placed. The fund specializing in new technology is cashing in on this bearish cycle without erasing its long term forecast. Still according to Winston, the blockchain in which we would inject doses of other revolutionary technologies, has a future. A bright future. »

Cryptos not here to fool around

“Blockchain technology combined with artificial intelligence, robotics, energy storage and genomic sequencing will grow from less than 10% of global market capitalization to over 60% by 2030.”

The new “chief futurist” of Ark Invest sees great potential in blockchain technology.

The investment thesis is this: the technologies we’ve seen emerging since the turn of the century will break down barriers. Whether technical, mental or financial. Technical progress allows new means and also to new ambitions. So much so that according to the latest Ark Invest recruit, this sector could weigh the equivalent of $50 trillion eventually. The global market capitalization is estimated at $93,686,226 million. Just that.

The blockchain and the brilliant minds working on it every day seem to have no limits. However, because of its disruptive nature, this technology is making teeth cringe in the traditional financial community. Winston also anticipates that the evolution of crypto assets is linked to legal and regulatory issues, which represent the first obstacles to crypto evidence. Evidence that institutional players can no longer deny, the Nasdaq in the lead. For now, the blockchain and cryptos are the preferred targets of regulators like the SEC.

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