A 65-Year-Old Retiree Wins The Lottery For The Second Time In Three Years

Just over three years ago, a utility worker in Maryland, United States, won $ 2 million for a lottery ticket he bought for $ 30. But his luck hadn’t run out then.

Earlier this month, the Maryland Lottery announced that the same man, now retired, h abía two million won in a game scratch.

The man, whose name has not been released, bought two game tickets at a gas station after running a few morning errands, Maryland Lotteries reported.

While in his car, the first ticket turned out to be a $ 100 prize. Things only got better from there. On the second ticket, he had a ‘Gold Bar’ indicating that he had won a prize of two million.

He was nervous the whole time he waited. “I was worried that there might be a fire burning it out, that the expiration date of the ticket might hit, and I even had a little doubt that it was really real,” he told the Maryland Lottery.

The first time he won, he also had trouble believing it was real. “I kept thinking it had to be one of those joke cards,” he said in 2018. When he bought his first winning ticket, he didn’t tell his wife about it until the next day because he didn’t believe it.

He wanted to use his first earnings to take his family on a “long overdue” vacation. He also wanted to put some of the money towards his retirement.

Now the prize money will fund some home improvements and, of course, other family vacations.

He says his advice is to play for the fun of it. “Be realistic and make sure when you play you’re not just playing for the big prize,” he said. “Play for fun and while you enjoy what you are doing, win or lose, you have already won.”

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