A Third Honduran City, Valle de Angeles, is soon to follow suit in adopting Bitcoin.

The municipality of Valle de Ángeles joins Bitcoin Valley and becomes the second tourist municipality to adopt cryptocurrencies in Honduras after Santa Lucía.


  • Valle de Angeles is the second Honduran municipality to adopt Bitcoin
  • The first was Santa Lucia
  • And next month a third is added: Cantarranas
  • The project continues despite warnings from the central bank

In Honduras the adoption continues Bitcoin at an accelerated pace, although in a very different way from its neighboring country, El Salvador, which has a law that gives it legal status in the country. In the case of Honduras, there is no such legislation, Bitcoin it is not legal as such, and the central bank has issued warnings about the use of cryptocurrencies in the country. However, that is not an obstacle for a project to grow: bitcoinvalley.

It started last month in the municipality of Santa Lucía, with the union of many merchants who now accept crypto as a means of payment.

Now, in the latest news, local media such as the press, told that the municipality of Valle de Angeles officially joins bitcoinvalley. Thus, it becomes the second tourist municipality to adopt cryptocurrencies in Honduras. And another one is coming in September: Cantarranas.

Trader Training

According to reports, the municipal authorities of Valle de Angeles and members of the Chamber of Commerce made arrangements to meet with the creators of the project in Santa Lucía, who are Blockchain Honduras, Decentral Academy, Coincaex and the Technological University of Honduras, in order to join bitcoinvalley.

“We are very happy that, in the next few days, the merchants have started a training process with Blockchain Honduras, and today we can say that we are ready to carry out the pilot tests”, said Wilfredo Ponce, mayor of Valle de Angeles.

“The idea is to create a bitcoin zone between Santa Lucía, Valle de Ángeles and Cantarranas. We believe that with this cryptocurrency we are going to attract more foreign tourists and also Hondurans who wish to have the experience of paying with Bitcoin”he added.

Initially, Valle de Angeles will begin training representatives of 22 merchants in crypto, and it is expected that between 40 and 80 more merchants will participate in the next classes.

Bitcoin for Lempiras

There are some mechanisms that the project has implemented so that transactions with Bitcoin do not break the laws.

In this regard, Richard Francis Roberts, president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Valle de Angelesexplained to the press that “The use of Bitcoin does not represent any risk for merchants and entrepreneurs because they will always receive lempiras (the national currency) for each commercial transaction that is carried out, which means that there is a very good expectation for owners of restaurants, bars, handicrafts, among others. . We are not seeing Bitcoin as an official currency in the country, but as an option to sell more through state-of-the-art technology donated entirely by Coincaex (Guatemalan cryptocurrency exchange).”

However, contrary to what the mayor said, he indicates that he does not believe that crypto promotes tourism as such:

I am not sure that Bitcoin will bring us more tourists, but it will make Valle de Angeles a more attractive place.

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