Advertising policy

At Cryptolafinance we produce autonomous, expert, original and curated digital content, under the format of news, opinions, infographics, among others. This content is delivered through our digital platforms: websites, email, and social channels.

In addition to our editorial content, we create and publish digital content from and for our advertisers and sponsors in subject areas of interest, in order to provide outreach opportunities for brands and their messages. Advertising content on Cryptolafinance is also governed by our basic principles of accuracy, impartiality, transparency and editorial independence.

What are advertising content and sponsored content?

The advertising content and sponsored content consist of (I) all paid content created by the advertising content team of Cryptolafinance, in collaboration with advertisers, and that appears published in Cryptolafinance and on its social networks and (II) paid content created by the advertisers that appear published in Cryptolafinance and in their social networks.

Advertising contents are those aimed at presenting and promoting the advertiser’s ideas, products and services to its target market. Its primary objective is to inform, persuade or remind the reader of the benefits of your product for commercial interest. Press releases, reviews ( Review ) and tutorials of products and services are advertising content par excellence.

Unlike traditional banner advertisements that are distinguished by their direct marketing messages, sponsored content raises topics and issues in a style similar to editorial content in terms of content and focus, without delivering a direct marketing message. The point is to inform and educate, rather than to sell.

General Advertising Guidelines

All advertising and sponsored content that appears on our digital platforms is clearly distinguishable from editorial content. We label an ad with “Advertising” or “Sponsored” when, in our opinion, the label is necessary to make the distinction between editorial material and advertising clear.

At our discretion, CryptoNews logos may appear in sponsor content. In these cases, the content will be labeled as produced by Cryptolafinance and sponsored by the sponsor.

Advertisers are responsible for ensuring that their ads are properly substantiated and comply with all applicable laws and regulations. While the advertising content does not necessarily reflect the views of CryptoNews, if we determine that an ad includes false or illegal information, we will reject or remove the ad or sponsorship in part or in full.

Cryptolafinance, at its sole discretion, may terminate the contract (s) with a certain client, at any time during its execution, reimbursing the unconsumed balance of the amount paid for them, if it considers that the publication of the advertising content that is the object of the contract, could affect or effectively negatively affect the image and acceptance of the newspaper and its Brand in front of its audience.

We will also reject or remove any advertising or sponsored content that we determine is inconsistent with Cryptolafinance or that may damage your brand. This means that we will not accept advertising that, in our opinion, is indecent or offensive. We will not transmit advertising that contains messages of hatred or violence against any person, group or organization, or advertising that implies attacks against one or a group of people.

We will not accept advertising for illegal products or services. In cases where jurisdictions differ on the legality of particular products or services, we will use our discretion to determine the appropriateness of the advertisement.

We may remove advertising content at any time if we determine that the content is inconsistent with the above, with or without prior notice and regardless of whether the advertising content has been accepted or displayed within our platforms for a period of time.

Sponsored Content


Sponsored content produced by our advertisers must be approved in advance before it appears on any of our platforms. We hope that this sponsored content, like our own editorial content, addresses the topics that are trending at the time of publication.

Even with the caveat that sponsored content does not necessarily reflect the views of our business, we will reject sponsored content that, in our judgment, affects the intellectual integrity, authority, and reputation of any CryptoNews brand.

Sponsor’s contribution

While affiliation with a sponsor does not disqualify a subject matter expert from participating as an interviewee for sponsored content, our editorial discretion in these cases will weigh the suitability of the expert for the content.

For sponsored content we will consider and enforce the sponsor’s edits and notes, if they are within our editorial guidelines, but we may decide to override a sponsor’s objection or suggestion to maintain editorial balance and integrity, in accordance with core principles. described at the beginning of this document.

Rules for Advertisements and Sponsored Content

In addition to the General Advertising Guidelines established by Cryptolafinance, the standards listed below apply to advertising content and sponsored content.

  • All advertising content and sponsored content, regardless of platform, will comply with the guiding principles of Cryptolafinance:
    • Transparency. All advertising content and sponsored content will clearly and distinctly differ from independent news content.
    • Independence. The editorial direction of Cryptolafinance will not be influenced, dictated, or delayed by the agenda and / or concern of the advertiser or sponsor.
    • Editorial judgment. Cryptolafinance maintains the right to reject any publication or advertiser whose presence compromises the Cryptolafinance brand.
  • All advertising content and sponsored content will be appropriately labeled and distinguished from Cryptolafinance editorial content in form, function, and location through the use of different types of fonts, colors, and graphics.
  • No advertising content or sponsored content implies the endorsement of any product or service by Cryptolafinance, nor will it present any recognizable name or logo of Cryptolafinance, according to its own decision.
  • Cryptolafinance may, at its sole discretion, allow the use of a Cryptolafinance logo to be used in advertising content or sponsored content. The design and placement of said logo will be at the discretion of Cryptolafinance, and any and all such uses will be subject to the prior written approval of Cryptolafinance.
  • All advertising content and sponsored content must be approved in advance and in writing by a Cryptolafinance advertising content publisher before it appears in any Cryptolafinance media.
  • A disclaimer similar to the following will be included in all advertising content: “ The content and links provided in this article are for informational purposes only. Cryptolafinance does not offer legal, financial or investment recommendations or advice, nor does it replace the due diligence of each interested party. Cryptolafinance does not endorse offers of investment products or services or similar promoted here. For more information click here . «. 
  • Cryptolafinance may, in its sole discretion, include a disclaimer in certain or all sponsored content.
  • Cryptolafinance reserves the right to reject or remove any article or advertiser that in any way: (i) defames or discredits Cryptolafinance or its products or services, or compromises the quality or presence of Cryptolafinance or (ii) is false, misleading, lying or illegal.
  • When the advertising content and sponsored content allow user participation, the moderation and functionality of this element will be determined and implemented solely by Cryptolafinance and will be subject to the General Terms of Service for the corresponding Cryptolafinance medium.

Referral Links

Referral Link or Affiliate Link is a means provided by Cryptolafinance so that its readers, if they wish, can access the website of the company that provides the product or service that contains the link. If the user decides to buy the products or use the services of the site through the referral link provided, Cryptolafinance can earn a commission for facilitating the connection.

Purchases made by users do not cost more to make them through the referral link, on the contrary, in some cases it can generate some benefit, such as discounts or a bonus balance. Any decision that the user makes about buying or not, investing or using the referred services is under his sole responsibility, since Cryptolafinance does not recommend or advise the user on how to act or decide.

The products and services shown in the articles with referral links have been chosen by Cryptolafinance in a free, autonomous and independent way , and their contents prepared and published in the same way, without receiving any payment, of any kind, from the companies providers of the referred products or services.

Thank you for using our Referral Links . We greatly appreciate your cooperation!