After bitcoin and cryptos, the giant BlackRock is attacking the metaverse

And one more ! – After launching an established ETF on cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, and another on blockchains for its European customers, BlackRock continues to explore our beautiful ecosystem.

Next step ? The metaverse ! The world’s largest asset manager announcement work on a new ETF (Exchange Traded Fund). This time, the society wishes to give its clients the opportunity to add companies exposed to different metaverses to their portfolio.

The list of different companies, or metaverses, is not yet known, but the information should filter out fairly quickly. With the sweet name of iShares Future Metaverse Tech and Communications – it can’t be invented – it is almost certain that headliners like The Sandbox, Decentraland will be offered in the ETF.

One could also imagine that the offer allows a wider range. It would then not be limited to the metaverse present on the blockchain and could attract companies such as Minecraft or Roblox. We can say without going too far that a new step has been taken towards the democratization of our ecosystem, even if once again this involves finance and pure speculation.

When BlackRock looks at cryptos, they don’t forget to take their piece of the cake! Want juicy yields too? Go register on the AscendEX platform and participate in the Earn program (commercial link).

John R. Zepeda

I have extensive experience working as a content writer in the areas of cryptocurrencies and finance, where I create interesting pieces that both inform and engage their audiences.

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