After The Merge, Binance Launches Ethereum Proof of Work (ETHW) Mining Pool

Support for Ethereum Pow – September 15 marked the end of the transition from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake on Ethereum. At the same time, some miners who do not want to see their livelihood disappear have forked Ethereum which retains the Proof of Work. This is how Ethereum Proof of Work (ETHW) was born.

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Binance Ethereum Proof of Work (ETHW)

The network Ethereum recently performed his historic transition from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake via The Merge. In parallel, a group of miners decided to keep the Proof of Work by creating a fork of the chain titled Ethereum Proof of Work (ETHW).

Mainly supported by miners, this blockchain is starting to attract wider support.

Thus, on September 29 the giant Binance has announcement the launch of a mining pool for Ethereum Proof of Work.

Announcement of the Ethereum PoW pool by Binance.

Moreover, to celebrate the launch of its pool, Binance will not apply any fees to the mining pool.

This announcement will have caused a slight momentary increase in the hashrate of Ethereum Proof of Work, before it returns to around 50 TH/s.

For its part, Ethereum Proof of Work had an eventful launch. Indeed, some hackers have managed to take advantage of flaws in DeFi protocols to extract ETH from the protocol.

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