After Voyager, Celsius – FTX, the superhero of crypto platforms in distress

Not all superheroes wear briefs over tights – And “saving” businesses from bankruptcy doesn’t necessarily make you a superhero. Maybe just a clever opportunist. But, it is still too early to know which side is on FTX.

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A possible takeover offer for Celsius

After winning the auction for the sale of funds from TravelFTX and its famous boss Sam Bankman-Fried want to do it again, with Celsius this time.

According to an as yet undisclosed source, FTX would be in the process of raising new funds of more than a billion dollars, part of which could be used to buy Celcius Network.

The company, which filed for bankruptcy in July, could see this proposal as the last attempt at survival, before really disappearing. Although no official announcement has been made, it is already known that Celsius has received other proposals, with the aim of helping the company finance a restructuring. The main idea would be to avoid a definitive liquidation, and to be able to reimburse at least some of its customers, whose assets are still blocked.

Will FTX be able to get its offer accepted and add Celcius to the long list of companies in which it owns shares, alongside Voyager, BlockFi or robinhood ? We’ll be sure to keep you posted if additional information arrives soon.

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