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Crypto innovation at the service of companies – The crypto universe is carried by many personalities. They participate in the construction and popularization of Web 3. All build the foundations of the world of tomorrow. In our crypto portraits, we pay tribute to these extraordinary personalities who support our still fledgling ecosystem. Today, lights on: Bilal El Alamy.

We have met for you this passionate about Challenge, NFT, but also gaming and art. He took us on his Web 3 adventure. Major entrepreneur in the French community, real hyperactive of the blockchain. Bilal deserves his place in the Museum of key players in our ecosystem. Technology, innovation, art and education, let’s take us behind the scenes of crypto projects and Tomorrow’s DeFi. Let’s dive into the crypto life of Bilal El Alamy.

Bilal El Alamy, summarily:

Bilal El Alamy, a DeFi man

An important player in the French crypto community, Bilal El Alamy has many facets. At the head of 87 employees in all companies, he supports with his associates (Maxime Sarthet, Thomas Binetruy, Jacques Lalo) many crypto projects.

Equisafe, an upcoming PSAN

When we begin our exchange with Bilal, the latter quickly approaches Equisafe. One of the first projects he co-founded. This SaaS platform is dedicated to the management of the back office of investment companies and Business Angels clubs, such as subscription management, governance and financial reporting.

Scorched from birth by the Covid period in 2019, Equisafe is not weakening. Quite the contrary. Bilal explains that Equisafe has:

  • More 150 customers ;
  • More1 billion in assets under administration ;
  • 150 million transactions on the platform.

In addition, the company already has two approvals:

  • APSP, (Payment Service Provider Agent) with ACPR;
  • the C.I.P. (Participatory Investment Advisor) with theMFA.

Currently recording PSAN (Digital Asset Service Providers) with the AMF, Equisafe wishes to anchor itself in the crypto ecosystem.

The crypto journey of our man of the day does not stop at this first adventure. Indeed, in an idea of ​​echo and synergy between companiesBilal then approaches smart linkanother victory.

smart link is a platform that offers two products: a marketplace which allows physical goods to be exchanged for crypto and a decentralized exchange platform which allows you to list pairs of tokens that you can buy or trade transparently.

Building on a recent fundraising of 3 million dollarss, Smartlink represents one of the most important decentralized exchange platforms today (Challenge) of the ecosystem Tezos.

Collaborative work and Web 3 service proposals for companies will subsequently be a leitmotif for Bilal. ” Co-build projects », « co-create » or propose a « talent workshop being so many terms at the center of our guest’s remarks.

Bilal El Alamy, the crypto-portrait of a DeFi man.

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From Gaming to Art: NFTs in all their states

“We saw the NFT wave coming and its potential for businesses”

Dogamí: the importance of play to educate

The NFT technology, non-fungible tokens, was in fact a real revolution for many sectors. Certificate of authenticity, proof of ownership or even governance, the use of NFTs is dizzying. Bilal understood this well.

Always with the aim of participating in theadoption of blockchain technologiesBilal, CTO of Dogami offers a virtual world petavers” on the Tezos Blockchain also. In this world, users can play, earn money (under the system of a game play to earn) through owning NFTs depicting cute dogs. Behind this tangy universe hides the relevant idea of offer through games a way to raise awareness of NFTs and DeFi among as many people as possible:

“A game is the most educational way to put NFTs in the hands of anyone”

Actor of emancipation for the Web 3 sector, Bilal thus confirms one of the essential facets of his work:education and adoption. This includes interaction with our real world.

Lezar House: when NFTs make sense

Lezar House is an art and design incubator embodies the fusion of art and NFT, dear to Bilal’s eyes. Here, ” it is the Art which has a process of technology in its creation he explains to us. NFTs, becoming real property rights in our real world, in which generative art (via Artificial Intelligence, AI) is honored.

We can thus cite the work Be Twin Lines by the collective BHIND. A true technical feat born of 2 years of collaborative R&D and creative technology. Be Twin Lines presents a moving sculpture generated from the codification of the perfect dance. Each frame of this dance spawns a unique pair of 3D sculptures that can be acquired in NFT, then used in the metaverse and/or 3D printed.

“We like the concept that leads from a technological process to the creation of a physical concept”

Thanks to the collaboration with the renowned artist Jean-Pierre Cassigneul, the Bilal teams then enabled the creation of 100 NFT portraits Cassigneul. Bilal also adds that beyond redefining the notion of ownership of a work of art with the possession of an NFT, it is also a question of proposing the physical possession of the work in reality in order to:

“Giving meaning to the NFT, giving consistency to the purchase of the work. »

Cassigneul's NFTs were generated by an AI.
NFT by the artist Cassigneul

So you will understand. It is these projects that have shaped the crypto-portrait of Bilal. They allowed him to arrive at what we can think of as the project of maturity: PyratzLabs.

Crypto ecosystem builder: PyratzLabs

PyratzLabs, the guardian angel of Web3 startups

PyratzLabs enables startups to grow with Web3 innovations. Carefully selected projects can then benefit from innovative technical tools leading to the creation of Dapps (decentralized application)of smart contracts and other Web3 products. PyratzLabs also supports entrepreneurs on support functions such as:

  • Administrative and financial management;
  • HR processes;
  • legal and regulatory procedures.

Since its inception in 2021, PyratzLabs has developed a portfolio of 25 entries.

Attracting talents, bringing developers and Web 3 solutions to startups to help them build themselves in the ecosystem, Bilal confirms to us:

“Our watchword is really to create strong synergies between the different boxes in the ecosystem”

Create a virtuous model to build an ecosystem

Bilal El Alamy and his associates thus wish build and shape the ecosystem of tomorrow. The work with the projects is treated in a transversal way, in the constant search for an echo, for a synergy. The strategy of Bilal and his associates is therefore clear as he explains it to us himself:

“We must not stay on a single project, we must diversify in a virtuous way”.

In this sense, to the question “how do you choose the crypto projects you support?” Bilal explains to us:

“We have factored our programs into 4:

  • 1 – There is the studio: these are the projects that we carry out with our ideas and our money (two companies will also emerge from the DeFi department soon);
  • 2 – There are companies with whom we have co-built (we then offer services to help them develop);
  • 3 – Intrapreneurship projects, fruit of collaborative work, the project is then initiated with assistance in the search for funds, for example;
  • 4 – Finally, advisory, ie advice to startups. »

These 4 programs show our man’s ability to adapt. He proposes with his teams tailor-made support in order to create the best conditions to support entrepreneurs in Web 3.

Work for everyone, with web 3

In fact, Bilal once again explains to us that he carefully chooses the projects he supports with his associates. He then explains that he determined internally at PyratzLabs a three-step process allowing him to carry out a due diligence :

  • 1: The project founder completes a form which is studied by PyratzLabs;
  • 2: One maintenance subsequently allows a market analysis of the project as well as an assessment of its potential;
  • 3: Finally, access to a data room and workshops to observe the capacity of the project to deliver its product.

Consequently, Bilal explains to us that in the end, the innovations provided by Web 3 are only a means of allowing companies in any sector to develop under the best conditions. The development of a training course in the PyratzLabs Studio which would offer “ bidisciplinary paths for those who want to do both business and web engineering 3 is also part of this dynamic:

“We want to be a company that has activities across all industries, but with a Web touch 3”.

From Equisafe to PyratzLabs, the years have passed for Bilal with one fixed idea: to grow the Web 3 ecosystem. ecosystem as precious as Bilal El Alamy. Altruistic, Bilal’s work touches everyone. Entrepreneurs are offered tailor-made support in the Web 3 ecosystem. Individuals have access to awareness and education in the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs through games. Finally, artists benefit from an innovative platform (ArtOS) allowing them to simply join the Web3 revolution. Put together, all these qualities make Bilal El Alamy a player in the crypto community to be reckoned with.

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