Binance Has Recovered $450,000 That Was Stolen in a Hack on Curve.Finance

The exchange Binance works with law enforcement to recover more funds stolen in hack from Curve.Finance.


  • Binance Recovered $450K Stolen in Curve.Finance Hack
  • This is more than 83% of what was stolen in the hack
  • He is working with law enforcement to rescue all funds

On Tuesday of this week the protocol DeFi operating on the network Ethereum, Curve.Finance, fYou were the victim of an attack that resulted in the theft of approximately USD $570,000.

About this today Binance, the largest exchange in the world, reported that it is working to recover the stolen funds.

The CEO of BinanceChangpeng Zhao “CZ” said that the exchange already froze or recovered $450,000which were stolen from the protocol Curve.Finance. This means more than 83% of what was stolen.

So he wrote in Twitter:

Binance froze/recovered $450k of stolen Curve funds, accounting for 83%+ of the hack. We are working with LE (law enforcement agencies) to return funds to users. The hacker kept sending the funds to Binance in different ways, thinking we couldn’t catch him

It’s worth remembering that on Tuesday, after hackers stole nearly $570,000 from Curve.Financethe protocol developers said they had identified and fixed the source of the problem.

Curve.Finance is a major player in the DeFi ecosystem due to its issuance of token rewards CRVwhich serve as a source of income for various other protocols.

with law enforcement

CZ added that the exchange is now working with law enforcement to help return the assets. In the meantime, Curve has not yet ruled on the recovery of funds.

This was the second seizure of funds related to the exploit of Curve. fixed-float, an exchange based on Lightning Network, it had also frozen 112 ETH ($200,000) on deposit from the Curve operator in a possible attempt to launder the assets. As such, the recovered sum now stands at more than $650,000, says The Block.

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