Bitcoin, an innovation – The tokenization of financial assets will change the face of the world

Move assets to blockchain – Thanks to Bitcoin (BTC) and its fellow crypto-assets of many innovations have been brought. One of them is the “tokenization” classic (non-crypto) assets to make them more mobile, and therefore easy to trade. The first tokenization experiments have thus taken place in the field of real estate. This phenomenon of digitization of assets seems in any case to be only at its infancy. He could, however, revolutionize economics and finance in the future.

A massive token tsunami: $16 trillion by 2030

The incredible innovation potential cryptocurrencies and their technologies is now taken very seriously. A recent report published by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), believes that tokenization could be one of the main development niches enabled by blockchain networks.

In collaboration with the digital marketplace ADDXthe BCG wanted to estimate how much of the assets today considered “illiquid” could benefit from digitization in a crypto ecosystem. Because unlike shares or paper financial contracts (futureETF, etc.), whose liquidity is considered relatively close to that of money, assets such as real estate where the raw materials remain less easily exchangeable.

Hold on tight, the potential in this area of ​​tokenization is simply gigantic in the medium term. Indeed, the Boston Consulting Group estimates that this market alone could reach the $16 trillion from here to 2030. In less than 8 years then! Knowing that the crypto market as a whole currently weighs around 1,000 billion dollars.

The tokenization of assets has a more than promising future!

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A tokenization that will quickly win all the votes

And wait! This is an estimate considered “very conservative”. Indeed, in the case of a very favorable configuration (from a regulatory point of view in particular), this tokenization could affect a total of $68 trillion of assets. Something to make you dizzy.

If the authors of this report are so enthusiasticthis is because the applications of tokenization seem to them virtually infinite :

“More asset classes are being tokenized. More and more unconventional and illiquid assets (e.g. grain, strawberry farms, exotic wines, whiskey, etc.) are starting to be tokenized. (…) [Par exemple,] in Argentina, Agrotoken introduced new financial options to the multi-billion dollar agribusiness sector by allowing farmers to convert tons of soybean crops into a commodity-backed stablecoin. (…)”

The report also talks about the art tokenizationvia non-fungible tokens, or NFT. Big companies, like the electronics giant LG, get into NFT and to this new form ofdigital art. What if the Boston Consulting Group’s estimates were the right ones after all?

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