Bitcoin and Lightning Network: the new payment method that sparks

bitcoin accepted – In the time of economic scarcity we are going through, all good news is to be taken. And, in the current freezing winter, any positive and beneficial act for theadoption of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies can also cheer us up. Not that we are fond of burgers and other banking giants of old times – and maybe gone – however many financial and commercial actors have recently decided to come and burn their wings with Bitcoin, the king of cryptocurrencies. A little fire that will warm us for the time of these few lines.

Bitcoin and USDT: Mac Do makes short work of cryptos

It was one of the news Bitcoin (BTC) from last week. The fast food giant McDonald’s accepts cryptocurrency payments in one of its restaurants in Switzerland. burger sauce USDT and Bitcoin deer supplement: this approach is a premiere in europe from the brand to the clown. Thus, after having tried the experiment in 19 points of sale in El Salvador – country where bitcoin has been adopted as legal tender – McDonald’s in Lugano, an Italian-speaking city in Switzerland, will speed up its precious service time thanks to blockchain technologies.

A video showing the payment of McDonald’s products on a terminal was broadcast on social networks. The payment solution used by the fastfood for the implementation of this service is the Lightning Network.

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On the Trail of Bitcoin Adoption

The experience is not new in the small town of 63,000 inhabitants. Incidentally, during the week, Bitcoin Magazine informed us that other traders from Luganolike this Art Gallerywere also embarking on the crypto adventure.

This approach is not innocent. The small town has been encouraging since March through “Plan B” (like Bitcoin…) theadoption of cryptocurrencies in city stores. It was in this context that McDonald’s accepted and others accepted payment in BTC.

Beyond accepting Bitcoin as legal tender in his city, Michele Foletti mayor of Lugano is developing the creation of two pro-crypto funds:

  • One of $3.36 million to help merchants set up a crypto payment in his city;
  • the other of $108.6 million to encourage start-ups to open up to cryptography and cryptocurrencies.

Enthusiastic about the use of this technology, the city’s services praise the benefits of Lighting Network. The second layer network on Bitcoin is regularly supported by Michael Saylor and MicroStrategy.

Minute Bitcoin: the Lightning Network

From states, to institutions, to trade giants, more and more international influential players are deciding to use Bitcoin and its Lightning Network. The Namibia has authorized BTC payments in their country. At the same time, banking giants such as Strike are constantly eyeing the Lightning Network speed and reliability.

A low-cost, lightning-fast solution, the Lightning Network continues to consistently show off-the-shelf capabilities. The network exceeded the 5,000 BTC of capacity, confirming its bright future within the decentralized finance.

Despite the crypto winter, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies remain a booming means of payment. Many brands are therefore starting to accept the king of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. The speed of the Lightning Network is indeed no longer to be proven. The visible signs of growing adoption remain, despite the snub some institutions may make at decentralization, positive news that warms the atmosphere in this crypto ice age we are going through.

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