Bitcoin bull run: institutional investors are (already!) ready

Bitcoin tsunami coming? – As they are quite often in anticipation of fund movements, the institutional investors (the “zinzins”) are closely scrutinized by the markets, including that of cryptocurrencies of course. If a precedent survey already showed that they don’t wait for a bitcoin spot ETF (BTC) to invest in cryptos, a new one reveals this time that the zinzins have already planned their next investments (usually massive) in the Bitcoin & Co.

Bitcoin and Ethereum: the big favorites of institutional investors

On October 19, 2022, the Cointelegraph media published a investigation world on “institutional demand for cryptocurrencies”. The least we can say is that the “zinzins” are very up to date of what is happening in the cryptosphere. They are literally ready to pounce at the slightest significant sign of bullish recovery of the crypto-asset market.

The survey conducted by Cointelegraph Research focused on 84 groups of professional investors, bringing together $316 billion of assets under management – whose 3.3% cryptos. Moreover, first observation precisely: 40% of them have already invested in Bitcoin and its ilk.

Speaking of Bitcoin, it still remains the big darling of these wealthy investment funds. Those who already own crypto have to 94% BTCs. But we note thatEthereum (ETH) also seems very popular with institutions. They are so 75% to have ethers. The stablecoins and tokens assimilated to securities (securities) come next with each 31% of ownership.

What types of digital assets has your company invested in? – Source:

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Investment strategies that don’t even wait for the bull run to start

Our dear “whales” are therefore already in the starting blocks, with a plan purchase of crypto-assets already defined to take advantage of the next phase of industry growth. This survey confirmed moreover the one mentioned in the introduction: the deep sea won’t wait that the SEC finally decides to approve a Spot ETFs of Bitcoin to invest. Only 10% of them think of using this type of financial product.

On the other hand, the direct purchases of crypto-assets, via trading platformsare by far the preferred intended method institutionals. More than half, 55%would like to gain exposure to digital assets.

Institutionals prefer to buy real cryptos rather than derivatives.
How do your funds want exposure to crypto-assets? – Source:

In any case, one thing is sure and certain, institutional investors do not want to miss the next bull train cryptocurrencies. Some are not waiting for the end of the crypto winter. In early October, the group NYDIG has raised $720 million for his bitcoin fund.

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