Bitcoin (really) anonymous? Trezor and Wasabi join forces

Unity is strength ! – This is what the teams of Trezor and of Wasabi ! And their association could quickly arrive in your wallets.

Anonymize transactions to better protect yourself

As we saw very recently with the case Tornado Cash, the anonymization of transactions, it bothers. Under cover of the “fight” against terrorism and money laundering, States are starting to go to war (gently, but surely) against the methods used to anonymize exchanges.

This problem does not seem to bother the two teams, namely that of Trezor and Wasabi. They combine their strengths to implement a mixing solution to anonymize transfers on the queen blockchain, namely Bitcoin.

The announcement was made official this Sunday by Wasabi.

Both partners would use a process Coinjoin. This makes it possible to process several simultaneous input transactions and to “mix” them. Thus, these transactions are dispatched to the output addresses. It is then no longer possible to make the link between the input and the output.
Thus, UTXOs (unspent transactions in literal translation) are used in such a way that they cannot be traced back to the starting wallet.

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Is the Wasabi process really reliable?

Already, Wasabi has announced that it is giving itself the right to to block certain deposit addresses, if the transactions appear to them to be illegal. This implies that if tomorrow a government imposes to set up a blacklist, technically nothing prevents it.

In addition, a few months ago, Chainalysis announced that it could trace back to wallets via transactions that used Wasabi. The Coinjoin would not be 100% effective. Indeed, this search would be facilitated not by Coinjoin directly, but by the “misuse” that can be made of it.

In addition, a Trezor wallet, even if the team announced that it had corrected the flaw, was ” hacked » not long ago.

But no doubt that Wasabi, and Trezor, are aware of these facts, and that they will work efficiently to offer a practical, ergonomic and above all secure solution. No specific date has been announced, but everything seems to show that we will know more about this partnership in 2023.

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