Bitcoin: the billionaire who offers millions of satoshis to boast Lightning Network

Saylor multiplies the satoshis – We no longer present Michael Saylor in the cryptosphere. The founder and ex-CEO of MicroStrategy became one of the strongest supporters of Bitcoin (BTC) since 2020. But Michael Saylor doesn’t just love Bitcoin, he also loves Bitcoin. Lightning Network.

Michael Saylor distributes 3 million satoshis to popularize the Lightning Network

The founder of the company MicroStrategy can’t stop praising Bitcoin. In effect, Michael Saylor is not limited to having taken his company to accumulate a fantastic treasure of 130,000 BTC (i.e. 2.6 billion dollars currently).

The one who is now became Executive Chairman from MicroStrategy also wishes the second layer solution well (layer 2) of Bitcoin: the Lightning Network (NL). Recall that the latter aims to relieve the BTC mainnet, by recovering the micro transactions thanks to its almost zero costs and its great speed.

It is understandable, under these conditions, that Michael Saylor was stung when some claimed he only used the lightning network only 3 times only. Never mind, the billionaire counter-attacks in handing out satoshis like nobody. And via the LN precisely!

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Bitcoin Lightning Network Meme Contest

To make this distribution, Michael Saylor proposed a small competition to crypto-enthusiasts. In the tweet below, he promises 3 rewards of 1 million satoshis each to those who will post in response the 3 best memes on the Lightning Network.

At the current price, these 1 million satoshis – Where 0.01 BTC – are equivalent to approximately $200or 600 dollars in total for 3 beautiful images in favor of the layer 2 of Bitcoin.

– Do you think Michael Saylor has made more than three Lightning trades in his life? (Eric Wall)
– The correct answer is YES, and I will make three more transactions of 1,000,000 satoshis each, to the 3 answers with the most liked Lightning Network memes in the comments below

Michael Saylor

Twitter account @saylor

Michael Saylor’s boost should accelerate even more adoption of the Lightning Network. But even before that, Bitcoin’s second-layer network had already managed to pass the symbolic bar of 5,000 BTC in its lightning-fast payment channels.

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