Bitcoin wedding guest of honor – American couple say yes!

For the better and for the crypto – There are weddings where we have a lot of fun. Others, on the contrary, where one is bored to death. For this American couple, the wedding was shot under an educational aspect. Indeed, the guests left with fractions of bitcoins. How to make it more successful?

They got married and had many little satoshis

Said Nassar is a Lebanese business engineer. In his native country, inflation exceeded 200% at the start of the year. And like in many countries that have been on the rise for months, Bitcoin helps preserve some of its cash flow. That is why Said is a strong advocate of the queen cryptocurrency. He democratizes Bitcoin as soon as he can.

For him, ” hyperbitcoinization starts at home ». All of his close friends and family members have bought bitcoin.

And to mark the occasion, and to inspire all the people who would share his joy that day, to cross the ” bitcoin cap“, Said and his wife decided that the theme of their wedding would revolve around the Bitcoin.

In addition to the decoration which featured nods to salvadorthrough the volcanoes and its bonds called “Volcano Bonds”the couple decided to make very original gifts.

Photo of Said – Wedding Day

Each guest could find under his towel, an envelope with instructions. The goal ? Ensure that everyone follows the instructions and is autonomous with respect to Bitcoin.

The first step was to create a Wallet Lightning Networkthen scan a QR code to receive 4000 satoshis.

Photo of Said – Wedding Day

The explanation video is still available on Youtube. You can even leave a congratulatory message for Said and his wife Tina.

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Democratizing Bitcoin also means offering it

The couple estimate that approximately 30% of guests took the time to follow the tutorial and therefore to create a Bitcoin wallet. This figure could be disappointing, but it still means that almost one in three guests now owns a fraction of Bitcoin. Which delights Said, who explains that he gives himself a half-hour deadline when meeting a new person, before talking to him about Bitcoin.

“I try to explain monetary policies and what fiat currency is to every person I meet for over 30 minutes. »

Said Nasar

The man, happily married, is also the owner ofan escape room in Lebanon, whose theme revolves around…? Bitcoin of course!

It goes without saying that the adoption of BTC, and cryptocurrencies in general, will go through these kinds of small events, for purely educational purposes. Pedagogy, patience and talking about it around you will democratize Bitcoin, and help its more massive adoption over the years. We wish Said and Tina a happy life, full of happiness, children if they wish, and above all bitcoins !

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are here to stay and will change the landscape of the economy, everyone agrees. On your side, don’t delay too long. Register now on the PrimeXBT platform (commercial link).

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