Blockchain games and Play2Earn: too much crypto, not enough fun

Play first – Blockchain-based games are still far from registering similar adoption to traditional games, although they allow to earn tokens that can be monetized. One of the main advantages of decentralized games could ultimately turn out to be its main weakness.

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Blockchain games: a return to basics is essential

Less tokenomics, more fun. The message from Luke Sillay, the lead community manager at game developer Blowfish Studios, is clear. Addressing the media Cointelegraph on the first day of the Tokyo Games Show 2022, Luke Sillay criticizes blockchain-based games for prioritizing tokenomics, earnings, at the expense of pleasure what should gamers get out of it?

Decentralized games would on the whole be “not really fun to play”, although they provide “good ROI most of the time”. They would often be constructed in a simplistic way, emphasizing gains more than pleasure.

As an illustration of the potential return on investment, in 2021, John Aaron Ramos announced that he had bought two houses in the Philippines thanks to his winnings on the game Axie Infinity.

According to Luke Sillay, this income-prioritizing model is, however, one of the main reasons for the inability of blockchain games to appeal to traditional players :

“Our way of thinking is that if the game is fun to play and attractive to watch, people want to play it. »

A fun game or a 3.0 machine to make a teenage gamer a millionaire?

To these weaknesses are added other technological and semantic barriers related to blockchain games. Luke Sillay calls the need to learn brand new technology for players, or having to create a wallet, “daunting”. He also referred to the existence of “so many words in the blockchain that mean completely different things.”

A fun game, nothing more logical in short! Players in the sector will benefit from taking Luke Sillay’s remarks into account, even if it means slowing down production to produce quality games that are really fun. Raising funds in the sector which amount to millions of dollars should not make the team miss the essentials.

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