Blur: How to take advantage of the 2 crypto airdrops of the new NFT platform

Strategic package approaching – The platform LooksRare had been talked about a lot last year by offering its LOOKS tokens to all those who capitalized 3 ETH of exchange over the 6 months preceding the launch. It even managed to overtake OpenSea in trading volume. Today it’s the turn of the new platform Blur to attempt to pull the cover to her. Indeed, it offers not 1 airdrop but 2 airdrops to its new users. Will you be one of them? Are you eligible? How to claim these tokens?

BLUR, the new NFT platform with professional tools

The platform Blur wants to be a platform for professionals of NFT trading. It is a marketplace in real time which claims to be up to 10 times faster than the competition, lowering your transaction costs by up to 17%. If all this remains to be verified, the platform is already open and she offers a aggregatora marketplaceof the advanced NFT trading tools.

Blur platform home page – Source: Blur

This marketplace free of charge was created by students, alumni of MITof Citadel, Twitch, Square, Y combinator, and others. Last March, she raised $11 million after a round table. So today she is doing the inevitable airdrop, but don’t worry, you won’t risk taking a crate on your head. In any case, it did not happen to the participants of the LooksRare airdrop last year.

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The detailed Airdrop Blur

The first Airdrop asks to have traded NFTs in the last 6 months and list a non-fungible token on the platform in the next 10 days. So you have until November 2 to claim your Care package containing your welcome gifts.

Presentation page of the airdrop 2 of the Blur marketplace for NFTs.
Blur Airdrop 2 overview page – Source: Blur

If you are not eligible for the first, you can still get ready for the 2nd Blur airdrop. All you need to do is trade NFTs on the platform during the month of November. The more NFTs listed will be rare, the more rewards you will earn. Moreover, the more the collections will be active, the more rewards you will earn. Finally, the more you will list of NFT, the more rewards you will earn as well. Same thing if your royalties are greater than 0.5%.

Airdrop 1

  1. Visit the site of Blur
  2. Connect your Metamask wallet
  3. Check your eligibility for the first airdrop (have traded NFTs in the past 6 months)
  4. If eligible, list an NFT (before November 2)
  5. claim your care package

Airdrop 2

  1. Visit the site of Blur
  2. Connect your Metamask wallet
  3. Trade NFTs and watch your counter increase.
Presentation page of the new Blur professional marketplace.
Blur marketplace presentation page – Source: Blur

To summarize, visit their site, log in and check your eligibility. Consider trading NFTs on the platform in November if you are hungry for Blur tokens. We hope you can find your one of the Parisian on the information that has marked you the most since 1945 !

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