CNN abandons its NFT collection: investors on edge

One more and less! – It’s not because the project is carried by a “big” name, that he is serious or that he has a particular interest. We have proof of this once again, with CNN.

When CNN leaves with the trunk!

The project was too good (spoiler, no), CNN slams the door and leaves the holders of its NFT almost nothing. The announcement, made discreetly on the project’s Twitter account, has not finished making ink flow.

The channel’s NFT project will have lasted 4 months (which currently has a good lifespan for unfounded projects). Called “Vault by CNN: Moments That Changed US”the Non Fungible Tokens had to represent the historical moments of the chain and should have been able to be exchanged and staked in vault (” chest “ in French).

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It’s not me who explains badly, it’s you who didn’t understand!

Without real explanations, the channel stopped everything, with the most smoking justification.

“Vault was a 6 week experiment and first foray into web 3. The company will no longer develop or maintain this community. »

CNN statement

The return to Earth is all the more violent as the project roadmap provided for additions, with “exclusive” benefits for holders and the possibility of creating an article (without further details).
But like many projects NFT who start without knowing where they are going, CNN wanted to stop (and in a very dishonest way). The icing on the cake being that she justifies herself by saying that everything was clear from the start and that the project was very short term. What total disregard for its investors!

The chain goes refund 20% of the amount of NFTwhile she would have pocketed close to $324,000 with the initial sale.

This is proof, once again, that betting on a big name or a brand should not bring more confidence than in a small project that would have a real team (and a roadmap behind it). Let’s hope that CNN will make an effort and that the owners of NFT will find their account there!

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