CoinEx Launches New Trading Features: Take-Profit and Stop-Loss

Key facts:
  • With the Take-Profit and Stop-Loss functions traders reduce the risk of losses.
  • By activating the Take-Profit and Stop-Loss settings, all positions are liquidated.

Sudden price rises and falls are common in the cryptocurrency market, and forced bankruptcies and liquidations can make even the most experienced traders desperate. If you don’t have enough knowledge about how to make a profit and reduce the risk of losses, there’s a good chance the cryptocurrency world will liquidate you. But CoinEx offers new trading features that will be very useful in this case.

What you need to know about take-profit and take-loss features

With the Take-Profit and Stop-Loss trading options, users can set the activation price in advance. In this way, when the market price reaches the preset price, the market orders will be executed automatically, activating the Take Profit or Stop Loss.

In perpetual trading, if you don’t take profits on time when the price reaches the expected point, you can risk losing your money. The same goes for Stop-Loss. If you do not activate it in time, it is likely that your position will be liquidated.

Therefore, by setting Take-Profit and Stop-Loss at the right time, investors can maximize profits and minimize losses. This method is an effective way to manage risk and is therefore essential for anyone looking to make a profit from cryptocurrency trading.

CoinEx and its new trading features

To improve user efficiency and experience and make contract trading more profitable and flexible, CoinEx launched the Take-Profit and Stop-Loss features in November 2021 on its website (not available in the APP for now). By clicking on Take-Profit/Stop-Loss and then on “Current Positions” in the contracts section, the user can configure both functions separately or simultaneously.

It should be noted that Take-Profit and Stop-Loss can only be used for the settlement of ALL positions, not for the partial settlement of them. No matter which position was increased or decreased before the activation of the Take-Profit and Stop-Lossadjustment, all positions will be liquidated once activated. When the position is settled manually or the user has a zero position in the contract, the adjustment will be automatically invalid. And, once active, all pending orders in the current market will be cancelled.

Users can enter the CoinEx website to use the new trading features on the Perpetual Contracts page,and enjoy greater efficiency when trading. CoinEx provides its clients with the most diversified crypto asset trading services, based on its comprehensive risk management system, premium product features and up-to-date system.

About CoinEx

As a global and professional cryptocurrency exchange service provider, CoinEx was founded in December 2017. It is a subsidiary brand of the ViaBTC Group,which owns one of the largest bitcoin (BTC) mining pools, and which is also a major bitcoin cash (BCH) mining pool.

CoinEx offers perpetual contract trading, spot trading, margin trading and other derivatives trading. Its service is global in scope, and is available in nearly 100 countries/regions around the world.

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