Nayib Bukele wants the UN to accept El Salvador’s political and economic decisions.

During his speech before the UN, Bukele criticized the wealthiest nations that question the political and economic decisions made by El Salvador. He defended the fact that the country is making progress in security and financial freedoms.


  • Nayib Bukele participated yesterday during the UN General Assembly
  • He harshly criticized the rich countries that question his economic management
  • El Salvador’s economic strategy involved making BTC legal tender
  • There are many plans for El Salvador that have as their axis Bitcoin

During the meeting held yesterday before the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN)the president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, made harsh criticism against the countries with more solid economies that question their management in the Central American nation.

Criticism of the “richest” countries

In his speech, Bukele mentioned the efforts that have been made internally to address citizen security problems in El Salvador, highlighting that the country has gained much more visibility due to progress in tourism, government, and in terms of financial freedoms.

In this regard, the Salvadoran president stated:

“We have gone from being a country unknown to many and known for gangs, deaths, violence and war, to being a country known for its beaches, for surfing, for its volcanoes, for its financial freedom, for its good Government and for having put an end to organized crime.”

However, one of the highlights of his speech was the criticism he made of other countries’ “Richer”, which has firmly questioned the measures, announcements, and reforms made by the government headed by Bukele in financial matters.

Regarding this, the Salvadoran president pointed out:

“I come from a town that only owns the smallest country in the American continent. And that small property… is not respected by countries that have much more territory, much more money, much more power and that correctly think that they are the owners of their country; but who incorrectly think that they are also the owners of ours… the rich neighbor has no authority to tell the poor neighbor to go back in time.”

And I add:

I came all the way here, to stand on this podium, in a format that I no longer believe in, to say something that would most likely, anyway, don’t change the way powerful countries see others. But maybe it will change the way we developing countries see ourselves.”

financial strategy based on Bitcoin

Although Bukele did not mention it specifically, one of the aspects that has generated the most criticism among wealthier nations and international organizations was making Bitcoin legal tender in the country.

Since Bitcoin became the official currency on September 7, 2021, the country became the center of attention for many enthusiasts and investors knowledgeable about digital currency. From then on, the local government has been announcing plans associated with cryptocurrency, including crypto mining backed by geothermal energy, the future issuance of bonds based on bitcoin, and the construction of an urban complex called BitcoinCity.

Since then, both Bukele and the government of El Salvador have had to face different scenarios: On the one hand, there are the benefits that the adoption of Bitcoin, mainly in terms of sending remittances and as a boost for tourist activities. But on the other hand, internal criticism stands out, going through the arrival of the crypto winter and the fall in the price of Bitcoin in the main markets.

However, Bukele remains firm in his decision to keep Bitcoin as the official currency and has repeatedly invited investors to remain calm in the face of the market decline, since, in his opinion, the investment in the digital currency is well supported by thinking in the long term.

Looking for re-election

Finally, Bukele’s comments come days after the president officially announced that he would run for re-election in the next presidential elections in El Salvador, which are scheduled for 2024.

In this regard, Bukele shared in his account Twitter The next message:

“After discussing it with my wife Gabriela and with my family, I announce to the Salvadoran people that I have decided to run as a candidate for the Presidency of the Republic.”

Although this would entail certain complexities and some measures in accordance with current laws, critics and analysts point out that this measure will ultimately go through the decision of the Salvadoran people, who will have the duty to elect the next president when the elections take place. respective.

Analysts also agree that Bukele’s permanence will be a key factor in guaranteeing the continuity of certain projects and initiatives promoted under his mandate, among which the status of Bitcoin as legal tender and the derived plans stand out.

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