Cryptocurrencies and censorship: Russia blocks the OKX crypto platform

Censorship against cryptos – The Russia keeps blowing hot and cold on the cryptocurrencies. After statements positive on their use as a potential means of cross-border payment, we learned this week that a platform has been censored by the authorities. Cryptos for government and big business yesbut for the little people at first glance it is Nope. OKX just paid the price for rather obscure reasons. Decryption.

No crypto without VPN because of censorship in Russia

Buy cryptocurrencies in Russia is no picnic! Indeed, it regularly happens that exchanges be blocked by the body responsible for overseeing the domain: the Roskomnadzor. This is the federal service for the supervision of communications, information technology and the media. Binance has already been blocked for six months between September 2020 and start 2021. Like the information site Cointelegraph for some time in 2019.

This censorship of state obliges many nationals of the Russian Federation to use vpn to be able to use services related to the crypto. As a reminder, a VPN is a small piece of software that protects the confidentiality of your browsing. This practice is so widespread that exchange officials OKX even warned their users against this practice via their Discord:

“We do not recommend using a VPN when accessing OKX as this will trigger checks. That could even lead to our account being banned.”

Obviously, this recommendation has remained a dead letter since this same OKX has just been blocked the October 4 last. Founded in China but domiciled in the Seychelles, the platform bears the brunt of politics anti-crypto carried out by the authorities.

Announcement of the blocking of OKX on the Roskomnadzor site – Source: Russian official site in english version

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OKX blocked at the request of the Federal Media Monitoring Service

And it is indeed the Roskomnadzor who struck again. Asked by the Russian press agency CASSthe spokesman for the federal service made the following statement :

“The website was blocked at the request of the Attorney General’s office for disseminating unreliable and socially significant financial information. »

The article 15.3 of the Russian Federal Law on Information, Information Technology and Information Protection gives the authorities full freedom to to block without notice any website. In this case, the charges are: the publication of information relating to the activities of financial pyramids as well as information on the provision of financial services by persons who do not have the right to do so”. OKX did not wish to comment on this subject despite requests from the specialized media.

The Russian Federation so keep going crusade against platforms that offer cryptos to its population. But at the same time, a part of the government wants to accelerate the establishment of crypto mining. And even accelerate the democratization of stablecoins! One step forward, two steps back, hard to understand intentions Russian authorities at this time. And not just about cryptocurrencies.

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