Employees of the German giant SAP paid in Shiba Inu and Dogecoin?

Getting paid in digital dogs? – L’adoption of cryptocurrencies in the daily economy continues to accelerate. More and more employees can receive, at least in part, their bitcoin salary (BTC) and other cryptos. Latin America is also particularly a fan of these crypto-salaries. But this time it’s the German software giant, SAP SEwhich is particularly close to BitPay to facilitate salary payments in crypto-assets.

The multinational SAP signs partnerships with the cryptosphere

It’s a new heavyweight actor who walks straight into the world of Bitcoin and his ilk. The German company SAP SE is the leading software publisher in Europe (4th worldwide). It is present on all continents, in particular through 115 subsidiaries.

A recent communicated press from one of its subsidiaries, SAP.iOannounces a new program focused on innovations brought by the Web3. As part of this program, five startups have been selected to benefit during 12 weeks extensive collaboration with SAP leaders and experts, as well as with its many customers around the world.

Three of these startups are directly linked to the crypto and blockchain sector. It is Gmetrispecializing in metaverseof Veremarkwhich works in blockchain-based verified identification, and BitPay. This last company is no longer really a startup, since it is well known to be a crypto payment processorin operation since 2011 already.

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BitPay to help pay salaries in SHIBA, DOGE and other cryptos

The SAP software company, notably listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), will thus be able to offer – through BitPay – of the salary payments in no less than 15 cryptocurrencies different.

In addition to the essential tenors like Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH), much more “original” altcoins could potentially serve as wages, namely shiba inus (SHIBA) and Dogecoin (DOGE).

“BitPay is proud to have been selected by SAP.iO as a partner for the future of work, to enable the payment of wages in cryptocurrency. BitPay also signed a co-innovation agreement with SAP earlier in 2022. (…)”

Twitter account @BitPay

The payment of his salary in crypto-assets should of course remain optionaland a priori partiel, although the details of the offer envisaged by SAP and BitPay have not yet been presented. Some don’t have not expected to receive their emoluments in cryptos. The Mayor of New York for example, wanted to receive his salary in bitcoins and ethers from the beginning of 2022.

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