Endgame for Kraken in Russia: the crypto platform closes its doors

Closing of accounts – The sanctions against Russia are increasing, and the cryptocurrency exchanges must play the game to avoid incurring the wrath of the authorities.

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Russian customers penalized: Kraken closes its tentacles

“We need to take action to restrict your Kraken account “. On October 19, the cryptocurrency exchange sent an e-mail to its Russian customers, informing them of the interruption of its services for residents of the country, referring to “the new European legislation”.

Russian users should be able to withdraw their cryptocurrency upon request. However, the crypto platform did not give any deadlines for making these withdrawals.

Kraken must therefore comply with the provisions set out in the latest sanctions that the European Union took on October 6. Even Bitfinex must enforce these guidelines today, whereas before the crypto exchange opposed the restrictions imposed on Russian citizens who were not targeted by sanctions.

In April, platforms tried to defend themselves against accusations of blocking the accounts of Russian users, following sanctions decided by the European Union. Today, the situation has unfortunately not evolved in the right direction. The platforms no longer have to hide in the application of these restrictions, even if they must always remain cautious in their communication on this subject.

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