Ethereum: OpenSea sets out to conquer layer 2 of Optimism

Opensea goes to Layers 2 – Opensea is by far the leader of the NFT ecosystem. Launched in December 2017 on Ethereum, the platform has since migrated to other blockchains to cover the entire NFT ecosystem. From now on, it is setting out to conquer second-layer solutions such as Optimism.

We don’t have to present it anymore, OpenSea is the ecosystem’s most iconic NFT buying and selling platform. After its launch on Ethereum, the platform gradually migrated to other blockchains such as Solana.

From now on, OpenSea is attacking layers 2 of Ethereum. So, about ten days ago, Opensea has announced upcoming support for NFTs from the Arbitrum network.

Subsequently, on September 27, the platform announced support for Optimism layer 2 NFTs.

OpenSea announces support for NFTs from Optimism – Source: Twitter.

Therefore, Optimism users will now be able to buy and sell their favorite NFTs on OpenSea. Indeed, several collections have already reached one hundred ETH in volume, reflecting a growing interest in NFTs on Optimism.

For its part, the Optimism network has set up a program aimed at attracting users. Entitled Optimism Quest, it aims to introduce you to the Optimism ecosystem in a fun way with exclusive NFTs as the key.

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