Ethereum: the glorious era of Zk-Rollups begins with Matter Labs’ Baby Alpha

The future of Ethereum will be decided… (almost) outside Ethereum! It is on this paradox that the current industry agrees on what is called Zk-Rollup Where Zero Knowledge Rollupa second-layer solution overlaying the blockchain Ethereum. And, in this essential territory that conditions the future growth of the network, the company Matter Labs has just taken a decisive step by unveiling the “Baby alpha” phase of its solution.

On the road to Zk-RollUps

If you are new to the second layer (or Layer 2) concept on Ethereum or need a quick update, this seminal article will help you greatly.

Failing that, simply retain for the form that the ZK-Rollups represent one of the two main families of technological solutions (along with the Optimistic Rollup), intended to decongest and make Ethereum more efficient by adding an operating layer.

To do this, these solutions combine data off-chain (off the Ethereum chain) and data on the chain (data stored on the Ethereum chain).

Roll-ups are considered effective and elegant technological approaches, including by Vitalik Buterin himself, the creator of Ethereum.

And in this particular branch of the crypto industry, a giant step has been taken with Matter Labs announcing the launch of the Baby Alpha, in its long-awaited manner.

Nothing Else Matter Labs

Matter Labs has been working on this project since June 2020 and the JDC has regularly reported progress on this very promising subject.

Today, the step taken is significant since ZK’s announcement now be able to operate in harmony with the Ethereum virtual machine (EVM). In other words, ZK-rollups now can host smart contracts, and by extension host Defi, NFTs, and all types of decentralized applications (dApps).

The information is significant as it opens a new chapter for the industry, with consequences for Ethereum, but also for the crypto ecosystem more broadly. A crypto ecosystem is always in search of better performance to finally transcend its condition of promising but in its infancy technology.

The Baby Alpha is primarily for stress and compliance testing and should last 1 month, with no working applications. In the end, will open the Fair Alpha, a period during which it will become possible for developers to test their new toys. An opening to the general public is expected by the end of the year.

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