For Nokia, the metaverse will mark the death of smartphones (and soon)

Connect the world differently – This executive within Nokia believes that the metaverse will soon surpass smartphones. What is the sine qua non-conditions for such an (r)evolution and the related issues to be expected?

From smartphone to metaverse: the great movement of this decade?

According to Nokia Chief Strategy and Technology Officer Nishant Batra, the metaverse experience will overtake smartphones “in the second half of the decade”.

This statement from one of the first mobile phone manufacturers may come as a surprise. Indeed, in this context, metaverse experiences require the deployment of significant efforts to develop virtual reality headsets and augmented reality glasses.

Nishant Batra has moreover declared that the availability of virtual reality and augmented reality devices will be “ affordable, ergonomic and wirelessly connected and, will influence “widespread technology adoption” by both businesses and consumers.

Sufficient industry adoption might be easier to achieve, as some use cases for the metaverse are already being explored there. Virtual reality headsets can thus be used to provide training in industrial machinery trades.

Nokia, therefore, anticipates the long-term replacement of smartphones by metaverse powered by virtual reality headsets and augmented reality glasses. But, the company also foresees the appearance of security failures related to this development. The company is thus working on these issues of securing users in the metaverse.

These predictions from Nokia are bold. However, they must be analyzed from the financial angle of the investments necessary for the metaverse to effectively democratize and overtake smartphones. The development of technologies for the creation of these virtual universes already costs Meta billions of dollars and gives white hair to the company’s investors.

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