Ford warms up the engine and starts in the metaverse

To the far-sighted, nothing is impossible – Could Henry Ford have foreseen in 1903 that today the war of car brands would take place in a virtual world? Certainly not.

The new industrial revolution will be virtual

Admittedly, a little late, but the brand has decided to launch. Whereas RenaultNissan, Toyota, Hyundai have already announced that they are entering the world of Web3, and that luxury brands like Lamborghini or Bentley already have their collections of NFT, Ford is just starting. But is it too late for that? Clearly, no, everything is still to be done. the metaverse as such does not really exist yet, and the brand has understood this.

It’s certain Twitter that attorney Mike Kondoudis revealed that Ford got into the race. A specialist in patents and commerce, the lawyer announced that Ford had filed 19 trademark applications. When the engine is warm, no more worries, you have to go full throttle! This is why brands like Mustang, Explorer, Lincoln or even Bronco are now awaiting filing.

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NFTs, Ford clothing and VR

Ford reportedly aims to create illustrations, text, audio and video to present its cars, SUVs and other vans used in the USA. Everything should be authenticated via a series of NFT.

The second idea would be to propose cars, spare parts, clothes in the metaverseas well as setting up “trade shows” organized live and online, in particular via VR (augmented reality via headsets).

Is the metaverse to a real future? The answer will depend on everyone’s beliefs, and above all on their personal appetite for this kind of universe. But in any case, the brands believe in its potential and bet a little more on it every day.

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