FTX Opens ETHW Trading After Ethereum Merge

You couldn’t miss it! Ethereum has now gone 100% Proof of Stake since the merge, and everything went perfectly. But what to do with the received ETHW tokens? FTX now allows you to trade them!

The birth went very well!

the Proof of Stake, or “proof of stake” in French, is the “new” consensus used by the Ethereum blockchain. No more mining and the use of graphics cards to create new blocks, today the work is done by ” forgers (minter).

This change therefore involved a fork on the blockchain, which gave “birth” to two different blockchains.

  • ETH PoS (Proof of Stake) which has therefore become the official blockchain of Ethereum
  • ETHPoW (Proof of Work), which is a version that retains mining for block creation.

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The platforms therefore hastened to list this ETHPoW (called ETHW), and it is now possible for you to trade it, in particular on FTX! On this occasion, users who held ETH on the platform received the equivalent of the quantity of ETH, in ETHW.

A fluctuating price over the first few hours

ETHW price on FTX

The price of the token has suffered a fairly significant drop in recent hours, dropping from over $30 to around $13 at present. A decrease related to the fact that some investors prefer to sell the tokens quickly and recover some liquidityrather than risk a possible crash.

It is not yet known at this time if the ETHW will be useful in the future, or even if miners will continue to use the machines to secure this blockchain.

In any case, whether you are rather optimistic about the life of this token ETHWor conversely convinced that it has no interest other than speculation, you can already trade it on FTX.

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