Google: from 2023, the future of the Cloud will be paid for in Bitcoin

Google in all smartphones… – and soon in all wallets! The most famous search engine in the world is eyeing cryptos more and more openly. Between the arms outstretched by Google Play, the arrival of credit cards to complete the offer as well as its very recent partnership with the NEAR protocol, Google is taking the lead. Today the Californian firm announces an unprecedented merger with Coinbase, a historic figure in the crypto market.

Google is letting cryptos into its galaxy

With its Amazon Web Service (AWS), Amazon hosts part of the global Internet, and draws a good part of its turnover (9%) from this juicy activity. This in turn seems to embrace the future of online payments.

Indeed, a new major deal was announced during the Google Cloud Next conference. The company partners with Coinbase to allow its customers to pay for cloud services provided by AWS in cryptocurrency. The feature will be available to a few users as early as 2023, before a major rollout.

At the same time, Coinbase is also taking a step towards its new partner and will migrate part of its current infrastructure to the Google cloud.

The internet giant is at the forefront of web2 infrastructure and is logically positioning itself to have the same influence in web3. The question of infrastructure is crucial as it raises questions about real decentralization.

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