Google puts Ethereum addresses under the microscope

Google plays it “explore” – Since their emergence, cryptocurrencies have been slow to be considered by GAFAM. A situation that has now evolved. Indeed, we no longer count the initiatives of Google, Facebook or even Amazon vis-à-vis cryptocurrencies. This time, Google seems to open the door to Ethereum.

Google: the blockchain in the viewfinder

Despite difficult beginnings, Google has been able to place itself as the unbeatable king of search engines. Indeed, Google owns more than 91% share of the search engine market, placing it in a situation of quasi-monopoly.

Obviously, Google has earned its place. Indeed, the search engine is constantly evolving to make life even easier for its users.

Beyond allowing users to find the site they are looking for, Google does everything so that they do not have to access said site to obtain the information they are looking for. In practice, more and more widgets allow users toget information directly from the search engine.

We can notably cite widgets “Google Flight” for booking flights or “Google Market” which makes it possible to obtain the price as well as the curve of the course of any asset.

Example of a Google Market snippet

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Google wants to divert traffic from Etherscan

Google recently released an update to its search engine specifically dedicated to the crypto community.

In effect, Google now serves asexplore blockchain for the network Ethereum. Thus, it is possible to search for an Ethereum address on Google, and the search engine displays the balance of the said address.

Google now acts as a blockchain explorer for the Ethereum network. Thus, it is possible to search for an Ethereum address on Google, and the search engine displays the balance of the said address.
Google displays Ethereum address balance – Source: Twitter

This feature may well evolve over time and include more details about the address you are looking for.

However, some Internet users have underlined the fact that this functionality was, for the moment, present only for the Ethereum network. In other words, Google dared the affront of not integrating this functionality with Bitcoin first. A decision which, on Google’s side, had to be made based on the traffic volumes of the two searches.

Obviously, Google is not against Bitcoin. After all, the branch Google Cloud announced that she would like allow its customers to pay in BTC and cryptos from 2023.

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