Grupo Sura Had Profit Of $ 1.1 billion & Revenues of $ 18.2 Billion As September

The investor group reported an accumulated net profit of $ 1.1 trillion, comparable to its registered levels of prendemic

This Friday Grupo Sura presented the balance of its financial statements to the Financial Superintendency. With cut to September, many of them reached pre-school levels.

According to the data, the financial group achieved consolidated revenues of $ 18.2 billion as of September, which would be a growth of 17.4% compared to the same period in 2020. In the third quarter, revenues increased 23.3%, explained by the growth in written premiums of 20.5%, in commissions of 15.4%, as well as in income from investments that grew 41.6%.

Regarding its accumulated net profit, it approached pre-pandemic levels and totaled $ 1.1 trillion, which represents a growth of 181.2% compared to the first nine months of 2020. Of these, $ 445,471 million were obtained in the third quarter of this year, which translates into an increase of 192.5%.

“The solidity and diversification of the investment portfolio allow us to achieve consolidated results for the third quarter that exceeded expectations and thus we are getting closer and closer to levels seen in the pre-ndemic. The positive commercial evolution of SURA’s businesses is a sign of confidence of Latin Americans in the products, solutions and services, through which we seek to contribute to a more harmonious development of the region and create more economic value for our shareholders ”, Gonzalo Pérez, president of Grupo Sura, highlighted.

For its part, the group reported that the company and its subsidiaries continue to make progress in reducing their debt, which totaled $ 4.4 billion. Discriminating, Sura Asset Management reported a decrease in its liabilities of $ 639,282 million compared to December 2020, mainly explained by the amortization of loans for $ 505,500 million, and a reduction for the quarter of $ 185,500 million.

Grupo Sura

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