Hebdo Crypto #209 – Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news of the week

The week of 09/19 in short – The news about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is constantly boiling. It can happen that crucial information gets lost in the daily information flow and that you miss important points. This format is there to remedy that. We return to thenews from the past weekCrypto Weekly to keep you informed about the current situation of cryptocurrencies.

Crypto news in brief

Bitfarms Mining Farm in Argentina Goes Live. Thus, the company with 9 mining farms has expanded its activities in Latin America.

Faced with the fall of ETH, some MakerDAO loans are on the verge of default. Thus, a loan of 3.3 million dollars is about to be liquidated. Its liquidation could lead to a liquidation spiral.

Ethereum Pow network already victim of attacks. Thus, only a few hours after its launch, users managed to exploit the chain by taking advantage of an incorrect setting of the ChainId on certain DeFi protocols.

Millions at risk from Profanity bug. Indeed, the 1inch teams have detected a flaw in the vanity address generation via the Profanity tool.

The Linux Foundation is working on creating an open source wallet. Via this project, it wishes to set up a standard as well as good practices for the development of crypto wallets.

Do Kwon in the sights of Interpol. Thus, Interpol issued a “red notice” against the creator of Terra (LUNA). These notices are issued against fugitives awaiting trial.

▶ New video from mining expert Mr. Tk, who looks back at the state of the mining world after The Merge.

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The 5 metrics of the week

301 BTCit’s about new investment made by the company MicroStrategy. These were acquired at an average price of $19,851. In total, the company currently holds 130,000 BTC.

Announcement tweet from Michael Saylor.

400ETHit’s the amount offered to white hat 0xriptide after its discovery of a flaw on Arbitrum. In practice, this flaw impacted the deposit of ETH on the network and could have caused the loss of millions of dollars.

$160 millionit’s about amount stolen from market maker Wintermute. According to the first information revealed, a Wintermute hot wallet was hacked thanks to the flaw present in the Profanity tool.

List of cryptocurrencies stolen during the attack.
List of cryptocurrencies stolen during the attack.

$50 millionit is the amount that Yuga Labs aims to recover through the launch of its next project. So, the NFT studio will soon launch the Mecha Apes project and hopes to break the bank.

$1 billionit’s about amount that the unstoppable FTX exchange would like to raise. At least that’s what an anonymous source revealed regarding the exchange’s upcoming fundraiser.

Tweet of the week

Tweet of the week goes to the company peck shield and its announcement of a pplatform ensuring the security of smart contracts. Thus, at the slightest attack detection more defense mechanism will be deployed.

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