Helium Rocks at Solana – Decentralized 5G Takes to a Whole New Level

A 5G that is too fast, too furious – Last February, Helium raised $200 million to develop his network decentralized wireless. Today, the latter goes to Solana to gain scalability. The company seeks to stay competitive and meet growing demand.

Helium switches to Solana to grow quickly

This Thursday, September 22, the Helium community voted. Indeed, Helium passes on the Solana network. This is a consequence of partnership of the company with T Mobile. Thanks to Solana, developers want to improve the scalability and theefficiency of the network. Following the vote of the community validating this decision, the mechanisms of proof of coverage (Proof of Coverage) will be moved to Helium Oracles.

Announcement on the results of the Helium community vote – Source: Twitter

In parallel the tokens and the governance Helium will be moved to the Solana blockchain, in accordance with what the company had planned at the beginning of September. The advantages of this transfer will be the following:

  • More HNT native tokens available for subDAO reward pools
  • More consistent mining
  • More reliable data transfer
  • Improved usability for HNT and subDAO tokens
  • Better ecosystem support

The evolution of Helium and the partnership with T-mobile

As a reminder, Helium is a blockchain-based wireless communication protocol. Helium had started with a network concerning the devices of I’internet of things (IoT). As the network rewards users with tokens, they operate the nodes and share their connectivity. The network had 1 million knots after rapid growth during 2021.

The continuation of the Helium project is to do the same with a 5G network for smartphones. In this context, Nova Labs announced its partnership with T Mobile to launch Helium-Mobile. This phone service will come to use both Helium’s 5G network and T-Mobile’s nationwide 5G network. The global operator of German origin, present from Europe to the United States, signs for a mobile service powered by cryptocurrencies allowing subscribers to earn them.

Nova Labs announced its partnership with T Mobile to launch Helium Mobile, a mobile service powered by cryptocurrencies allowing subscribers to earn them.
Helium routers are streaming 5G and mining crypto

Helium provides worldwide coverage. Since its launch in 2019, more than 900,000 hotspots using Helium have been deployed, with 1,000 units added every day. There are currently more than 2,500 active hotspots with 5G in 889 US cities, since the program became active in August 2022.

Helium therefore continues its development with a view to equipping cities with Decentralized 5G. This funny partnership therefore associates the creators of decentralized 5G with the 5G of blockchainsas we mentioned during our interview with Solana Labs.

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