How to add Ethereum PoW (ETHW) to Metamask?

On September 15, 2022, The Merge successfully took place on the Ethereum blockchain. This involved moving from a consensus mechanism of proof of work (Proof of Work = PoW) to a consensus mechanism of proof of stake (Proof of Stake = PoS). This change didn’t sit well with everyone for a variety of reasons. Also, some wanted to keep the old mode of operation, and a group of developers forked the blockchain a few hours after the success of The Merge. This gave birth to a new blockchain: Ethereum PoW with its native token theETHW. Let’s see here how to add it to Metamaskthe reference wallet for interactions with Ethereum.

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If you don’t have a Metamask wallet yet or want more information about this walletyou can check this article to help you.

Once installed, two methods are possible to add a blockchain:

  • Using a dApp (Chainlist) that brings together the information you need. It will interact with Metamask to add the new network to it.
  • Manually. You have to find the information and enter it yourself in Metamask.

As of this writing, only the manual method is possible to add Ethereum PoW. We will however see the 2 in the following paragraphs, in case Chainlist ends up including it on its site.

Start by opening the wallet and unlocking it using your password.

Login to Metamask

Then click on the top tab to select blockchains.

Network selection on Metamask
Network selection on Metamask

Go get ” Add a network at the bottom of the drop-down menu.

Adding network on Metamask
Adding network on Metamask

Enter the following information in the corresponding boxes, then validate with “Save”

  • Network name : ETHW-mainnet
  • New RPC URL :
  • ChainID : 10001
  • currency symbol : ETHW
  • Block Explorer URL :
Settings for adding network to Metamask
Settings for adding network to Metamask

It is done ! You should see the message “ ETHW – mainnet added successfully at the bottom right of your screen.

Success of adding network on Metamask
Success of adding network on Metamask

You can see that you are successfully connected to ETHW at the top right.

The reference dApp for adding compatible EVM blockchain is It is likely that the team will add Ethereum PoW to their application in the near future.

You can find out by going to their site and typing ETHW in the search bar. If nothing appears as here, no need to go further.

Search on Chainlist
Search on Chainlist

If a result is displayed, you can then connect your wallet using the icon located at the top right.

Login to Chainlist
Login to Chainlist

All you have to do is click on ” Add to Metamask and sign with your wallet for the network to be added!

Even though Ethereum PoW is not yet available on their site, you can take the opportunity to learn about all the networks you can access with your wallet!

ETHW Airdrop

Whether you are for or against the Ethereum transition, you may have received ETHW for free during the fork. It was enough for this to have ETH in your wallet on September 15, 2022. If this was the case, you should have received the same number of ETHW at your address.

If you use a physical wallet (Ledger type), you can check that you have been eligible for the airdrop by connecting it to Metamask.

Then follow the steps above to add the Ethereum PoW network to Metamask to see your tokens appear!

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