Huge Solana failure: the blockchain paralyzed, then restarted

On the night of Friday to Saturday, the crypto community was indeed forced to see that Solana had started again.

Yes, because once again, the Solana blockchain has gone offline, no longer validating any transaction.

If the exact reasons for this failure are not fully known, a misconfigured validator could well have been the starting point of this general bug. According to the latest hypotheses, the latter would have caused an accidental fork, blocking a large part of the Solana validators on a dysfunctional version of the blockchain.

The Solana network finally restarted an hour ago, thanks to the joint work of its validators, resuming the production of blocks and the validation of its transactions.

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John R. Zepeda

I have extensive experience working as a content writer in the areas of cryptocurrencies and finance, where I create interesting pieces that both inform and engage their audiences.

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