International arrest warrant against Do Kwon: Interpol gets involved

Public enemy number 1 – We learned the day before yesterday, Do Kwon, key figure in the Terra blockchain (LUNA) and the company Terraform Labs was under south korean arrest warrant. Some members of the company thus find themselves caught up in the South Korean judicial machine. Resident in Singapore, a country without an extradition contract with South Korea, we then mentioned the possible participation of Interpol in the investigation. It’s done.

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The noose is tightening around Do Kwon

The Coin Telegraph us learn as well as the Financial Crimes Investigation of the Seoul Southern District Prosecutor’s Office continues its investigation in conjunction with the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The goal? Cancel Do Kwon’s Passports and his acolytes.

Besides, Interpol will get involved anyway. Thus, the South Korean arrest warrant will become a international arrest warrant. Mo Han, Mo Yu, Do Kwon and Nicholas Platias, a Greek national, will therefore have more difficulty if they wish to escape the clutches of regulation.

Interpol soon on the case of Do Kwon and his acolytes.

The charges still remain the same. In short, Do Kwon would not have informed its users about the dangers associated with trading the LUNA and stable corner USTC. Suspected by many fraudulent transactions and from the name of respecting South Korea’s capital and market law, the endgame seems to be coming for Do Kwon.

The fall of the Terra blockchain having prompted the collapse of other ecosystems like a fall of a domino, the legal misadventures of Do Kwon remain the symbol of a regulation that wants to hold the founders Terraform Labs to account. Torn by this affair, the token LUNC has already suffered the consequences of this judicial episodewhich is far from over.

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