Konami in the race for web3: the giant is hiring new talent

Another gaming player in the NFT? – Konami wants to launch a trading platform for NFT in-game, and the company needs key people who master web3 for its project.

Web3 talent for Konami’s NFT platform

According to a communicated from October 13, Konami Digital Entertainment is about to enter the world of NFTs and metaverses. He thus seeks web3 talents which will allow him to realize this project.

Konami plans to launch a blockchain-based platform, which will allow gamers to exchange their NFTs in-game. It is in this context that the video game giant recruits talents in the field of web3. The company has posted 13 vacancies ranging from infrastructure development, production and operations, to support functions.

Konami is following in the footsteps of other companies in the sector in Japan, such as Square-Enix and Sega. The two giants plan to integrate the web3 in their games and their intellectual properties.

These companies have decided to embrace NFTs, despite criticism from mainstream video game enthusiasts. Indeed, the latter fear that these companies devote themselves much more to the expansion of the web3 than to the developing truly engaging experiences in games.

Companies in the entertainment field in Japan who decide to dive into the web3, benefit from the support of the Japanese government, which projects in particular to increase its investments in services related to NFTs and metaverses.

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