Long live the Bear Market! 3 lethal weapons to save in bitcoin without even thinking about it

One satoshi at a time – Times are a bit tricky for crypto assets (and investment finance more broadly). Yet, it has never been more important to seize every possible opportunity to accumulate bitcoin for the future. Of “sat stacker”, as it is sometimes expressed in our small industry. And to do this, there is no need for large fortunes or complex techniques. This is one of the lessons of the day given by bit stackthe company that allows you to save Bitcoin without even thinking about it, and in maximum security conditions, thanks to the DCA.

Le Journal du Coin offers you this promotional article in collaboration with Bitstack

Good news: the bear market offers you bitcoins on sale

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Vou probably know this maxim by heart, which reminds you that even if at first sight a situation seems painful, even hopeless, it also very often conceals a hidden opportunity for those who know how to seize it.

A quote in any case very appropriate in this troubled period for the crypto markets, between renunciation, doubt and gloom.

Periods that we know are the most favorable to lay the foundations for future prosperity. Thus, we will propose today a new version of this quotation, more adapted to our common passions for Bitcoin and the crypto economy: “When life sends you bears, it’s time to do your shopping”.

Because historically periods of market depression have consistently been the best for accumulating low-cost bitcoins. And that to do this, Bitstack is going to be a huge help.

Bitstack, the Bitcoin DCA finally accessible to as many people as possible

We already had the pleasure of talking about Bitstack a while ago, and give a full presentation of this French application. An application that wants to put thebitcoin savings in the hollow of all pockets, via a DCA strategy.

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The Bitstack app is available on all mobile operating systems

It will be recalled that the DCA – Where Dollar-Cost Averaging – is a formidable efficiency technique based on the regular investment of fixed sums, even modest ones.

This approach makes it possible to get out of the volatility specific to the markets, but also psychological biases investors. It is known to beat most other investment strategies over the long term. Only concern: it can be monotonous, and suffers neither forgetfulness nor approximation. Two reasons why using a trusted partner like Bitstack makes sense.

Today, we present to you 3 unstoppable DCA techniques. 3 formidable weapons that Bitstack puts in your hands and that will allow you to fight the bear market today in order to reap the rewards tomorrow.

1. Buy Bitcoin!

Every great crypto adventure begins with a first satoshi. And even if the thing seems obvious formulated like that, before setting up a strategy of accumulation of bitcoins, it is necessary to know where to start. And how to buy your first fractions of digital gold.

Good news, Bitstack allows you to buy your first satellites in a simple and ergonomic way, via bank card, and from… 1 euro! To do this, nothing could be simpler, all you have to do is download the mobile application on your smartphone and let yourself be guided. Better yet, in registering via this commercial link and by entering the code JDC5 in the app, you will receive a bonus of €5 as a welcome bonus.

2. Set up a recurring purchase of bitcoin in DCA

Here we go into the heart and soul of what makes DCA: a painless approach that will allow you to accumulate an asset – in this case bitcoin -, without even having to think about it.

The Bitstack application will guide you step by step, so as to calibrate your DCA ideal. A strategy that will be unique to you, whether it’s regularity of payments (once a week? a month?) or of course committed amounts (which must always be adapted to your income and your own way of life).

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Out of the question indeed to put you in difficulty. This is why the DCA is intended to be discreet and painless in the context of the management of your daily budget.

Bitstack DCA Simulator
A simulation shows the power of the Bitstack tool

3. Savings on curves: the royal road to satoshi

By linking your bank account to the Bitstack app and enabling this option, you unlock magical power over your payments: the upper rounding.

As soon as you make an everyday purchase, bit stack automatically calculates the rounding up to the next euro and adds it to the kitty of your roundings for the week. Every Monday, without you having to do anything, your kitty is automatically converted into Bitcoin.

Example : you pay for your coffee 2.60€. Bitstack calculates the difference with the rounding up (i.e. 0.40€ to reach 3€). The following Monday, Bitstack will debit you the amount saved and immediately credit your account with these €0.40 in bitcoins (i.e. 2100 sat at the current price).

We will not repeat the trick of small rivers and large streams. But imagine the power of the device over months, even years, through thousands of transactions. It’s exactly like that that we gradually and methodically build up a heritage.

We will end this quick overview by recalling that Bitstack is registered and regulated in France (the company has the sesame PSAN with the AMF), that the protocol can be interrupted at any time, and that your funds are also always accessible and recoverable if necessary.

No more excuses, you are now ready to calmly face the crypto winter thanks to Bitstack. Keep an eye on this very dynamic company which could very well continue to surprise its world in the coming months. Save in cryptos without fear of price fluctuations. To buy Bitcoin without even realizing it, and in complete safety, register on Bitstack… and earn 5€ of BTC for free thanks to the code JDC5 by launching your first strategy (commercial link)!

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