Marico in, The First Cryptocurrency For The LGTBIQ + community

It was created in Spain and will begin to be used, in principle, in 25 establishments.

From next Friday, December 31, 2021, the maricon will start operating, a cryptocurrency that was born in Spain to give the LGBTQIA + community other financial alternatives.


Juan Belmonte is one of the minds behind cryptocurrency, which he hopes will become one of ” the main means of payment used by lesbians, gays, transsexuals, bisexuals, intersex, queer and other members .”

The project began to develop in October 2021 and ” would give us power in this globalized and capitalist world. We will be able to help people who at this time do not have the same rights as us, ” said Belmonte, who works as a merchant of aesthetic products.


” It will be a social, ethical, transparent and transversal means of payment with which you can operate in the main exchanges (cryptocurrency exchange platforms) and consume in your favorite establishments with discounts “, it is explained on the maricon website for those who want to have it.

The project is also part of Francisco Álvarez Cano, a businessman, academic, and who, according to the magazine ‘Forbes’, managed to get the cryptocurrency to enter the Algorand Miami Accelerator program, which promotes projects of emerging companies.

Among the goals that they want to achieve in the short term are to receive investments for one million dollars and that the currency is the one that finances Ga and 2022 Pride Day parties in 20 capital cities of the world, according to the specialized portal ‘Entrepreneurs ‘.

It is worth remembering that cryptocurrencies are virtual currencies that are used by thousands of people in the world to carry out transactions without using cash or cards.

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