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MetaMask Snaps: Modularize Your Crypto Experience

MetaMask snap

MetaMask opens to developers. With several million users, MetaMask is the benchmark crypto wallet. Until now restricted to so-called EVM chains, MetaMask is now opening up to other ecosystems with the launch of MetaMask Snaps.

Launched in 2016, MetaMask was initially a wallet intended for Ethereum. Faced with the rise of so-called “EVM compatible” chains, MetaMask has broadened its scope to several dozen blockchains.

However, as pointed out by the developers, the latter sorely lacks modularity. So, to overcome this problem, the developers of MetaMask came up with MetaMask Snaps.

In practice, Snaps is a new system that integrates with MetaMask and allows users to add modules to the wallet. These modules add new functionalities to the wallet.

“We’re launching a set of APIs and partners who use them to enable our wallet to suddenly support new blockchains, new transaction security providers, and a variety of notification systems (including a Chat Snap! ). We think this will offer a lot of new possibilities in terms of scalability and security, but it’s just the beginning. »

Additionally, Snaps is an open source initiative. Therefore, developers from all walks of life can develop modules for MetaMask. To do this, MetaMask offers MetaMask Flask, a version of Snap dedicated to developers.

If you want to add Snaps to your wallet, nothing could be simpler. Simply go to the dedicated site and add the desired Snaps to your wallet.

Example of Snap to add to the wallet.

MetaMask Snap: A True Multichain Wallet

As we discussed previously, MetaMask was until now a wallet dedicated to EVM blockchains.

With the introduction of MetaMask Snaps, it is now possible to use the wallet on other non-EVM blockchains.

For example, the Starknet second-layer network is now accessible via MetaMask Snaps. The same goes for Cosmos, Sui, Aptos and Algorand.

Starknet announces its arrival on MetaMask via Snaps – Source: X.

MetaMask Always More security

At the same time, the Snaps marketplace presents other modules with varied uses. Among them, we find several modules dedicated to security.

For example, the Assets Risk Detection module can detect risks related to user assets by leveraging data collected by GoPlus Security.

For its part, the Snaps MobyMask Phishing Warning alerts the user when they are about to interact with a phishing-type contract.

So many developments that will allow the MetaMask wallet to become more robust.

For their part, users will benefit from a marked improvement in security and user experience. Indeed, many scammers are currently taking advantage of the lack of clarity on MetaMask to make users sign fraudulent transactions. We hope that MetaMask Snaps will reduce cases of cryptocurrency theft via phishing attacks or honeypots.

Last week, Vitalik Buterin’s X account (Twitter) was hacked. In total, $700,000 was stolen via a phishing attack. Losses that could have been avoided thanks to the alert messages that MetaMask Snaps can generate.

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