More money will be spent on Bitcoin Beach’s infrastructure in El Salvador.

Bitcoin Beach will receive more than USD $203 million in infrastructure investments in El Salvador.


  • El Salvador Government Wants Better Bitcoin Beach Infrastructure
  • For this, it is investing both in El Zonte and in Surf City
  • Currently there are many problems in the area, reported a Japanese tourist

El Zonte, a beach in El Salvador, now known as “Bitcoin Beach” since it was the pioneering place in the adoption of cryptocurrency (even before its use was legalized in the country), it will receive investments in infrastructure as part of a strategic plan by the government of El Salvador to further attract tourism.

Surf Cityanother beach location in the La Libertad region, will also receive road improvements and other improvements.

According to government reports, Bitcoin Beach is receiving a set of infrastructure upgrades. These investments will be directed to the construction of a new set of facilities so that tourists can better enjoy the place.

Regarding the execution of these investments, President Nayib Bukele stated:

El Zonte for many is known as Bitcoin Beach; We are going to fix an area of ​​15,000 square meters, where there will be a shopping center, parking lot, beach club, treatment plant, to revitalize the area.

Surf City, a beach also known as El Tunco, will also benefit from these investments that will extend throughout the La Libertad region. This is part of the second phase of the project surf City, which aims to bring strategic developments to the area to help tourism thrive.

The La Libertad region will also receive a new set of highways to give tourists better access to the sites. Bukele explained:

This year we will widen 21 kilometers of the coastal highway to four lanes. And we will also do it with hydraulic concrete, which is more expensive than asphalt, but lasts much longer.

In total, the government of El Salvador will spend more than USD $203 million on infrastructure, including a new drainage system, bridges and bike paths, among other facilities, according to the media.

Tourism and Bitcoin in El Salvador

According to several spokesmen for the Salvadoran government, Bitcoin’s commitment as a promoter of tourism continues.

According to the president himself, Nayib Bukele, on August 8: Bitcoin and surfing encourage tourism. This wrote in Twitter:

“Only a handful of countries have been able to bring their tourism back to pre-pandemic levels. And that is international tourism, so the reasons behind it are mainly Bitcoin and surfing. But domestic tourism is growing even more, mainly due to our crackdown on gangs.”

Also, in April, Morena Valdez, El Salvador’s tourism minister, stated in February that the adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender it had helped the sector grow by 30%.

In addition, recently, the Salvadoran ambassador to the United States, Milena Mayorga, said that the world was looking at her country thanks to Bitcoin and that this crypto encouraged tourism.

those who have doubts

Although testimonies of bitcoiners fascinated with El Salvador have been shared, others have shown that it is not true that the use is so widespread. The travel youtuber Ken Utsumi, of Japanese origin, visited the country and was a little disappointed by the lack of adoption in the Central American nationbecause there were few sites that accepted Bitcoin.

The famous pupusa of El Salvador. A tortilla made of rice and corn, often eaten in Mexico, wrapped in cheese, beans, meat, etc., flattened and grilled on an iron plate. Found on the streets of San Salvador. No bitcoin.

He admitted that it was Bitcoin Beach where he found more interest and places receiving crypto payments. However, he also said that currently Bitcoin Beach had some infrastructure problems.

At Bitcoin Beach in El Salvador, working or studying with the sound of the ocean as background music makes me feel refreshed. It’s like riding a wave.

What worries me is the power outages and internet failures that sometimes occur when the tide breaks my Mac. Apart from meetings, such problems are not such a big problem, and there are too many advantages, even if you subtract the disadvantages .

But at the same time, it shows that for him it was worth the visit, even with so many contrasts:

At El Salvador’s BitcoinBeach you can experience the river-washed landscape as the 20th century while paying with BTC, the 21st century’s cutting-edge currency of the future.

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