Cardano in a critical day – ADA ready to take the plunge with the Vasil fork

Cardano gets a makeover – This month of September will have been a month of big changes in the cryptosphere. In addition to The Merge who passed Ethereum (ETH) to Proof of Stake (PoS)that’s the project Cardano (ADA) which is experiencing a critical update. This should bring a lot ofimprovements to the crypto founded by Charles Hoskinson.

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Cardano will improve its smart contracts with Vasil

Conversely toEthereumthe network of Cardano had already passed Proof of Stake and staking since July 2020 with the Shelley update. But these are his smart contracts who sinned by their low practicality. Contributed by the Alonzo fork of September 2021, these smart contracts were still poorly functionalcompared to those of the ETH network.

The hard fork Vasil should in large part improve the use death smart contracts on Cardano. However, the latter should take place today, Thursday September 22 2022. According to a series of tweet teams ofInput Output (IOHK) – the main developers of the ADA network – various “critical mass indicators” would now have turned green to perform the update.

“Vasil is the most ambitious update for Cardano to date. With such a complex update and multiple stakeholders, we need to be sure the ecosystem is ready. In the past 48 hours, [de nombreuses] crypto exchanges have confirmed that they are ready for Vasil.
With this latest addition, we have achieved the 3 critical mass indicators:
– 39 updated crypto exchanges (87.59% of liquidity);
– Over 98% of mainnet blocks are now created by Vasil nodes (1.35.3);
– The main DApps (decentralized applications) of Cardano according to their value in locked cryptos (TLV) have confirmed that they have been tested and are ready. »

Twitter account @InputOutputHK

The Vasil fork should also reduce transaction costs on Cardano, and improve its scalabilityits number of transactions per second. Despite the postponement of its launch date (originally scheduled for June 2022), wish Charles Hoskinson’s network this time is the right one. And, above all, that this important update happens as well than The Merge on Ethereum.

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