NFT: Azuki is planning a $30 million fundraiser? The sensational rumor

A truly unique market – The market for NFT does not really know the crisis, and the millions of dollars flow to the creators of the most important collections. And, obviously, Chiru Labs Azuki are among those. Los Angeles is buzzing with a fundraising rumor at 30 million of dollars.

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A 30 million dollar rumor for Azuki

Several concurring sources have therefore declared to The Block that an A round of funding was about to start. These people close to the file thus confirmed the sum of 30 million specifying that “Most of the funds were already committed”.

It would add value to Chiru Labs between 300 and 400 million dollars. To date, no confirmation from the interested parties has been published.

Investments are multiplying in the creators of NFT

Chiru Labs among the big houses of NFT

This news echoes other investments in the sector that have been announced in recent weeks:

  • 54 million for Doodles;
  • 50 millions also for Proof Collective – the startup behind Moonbirds;
  • 450 million for the overall champion, Yula Labs.

The 10,000 Azuki definitely have the profile of a successful collection. With a minimum price around 11ETH and the record sale from a rare object to 420ETH, 6 months ago, they are therefore definitively positioned in the leading pack. It clearly appears that the NFT interest the smart money who decided to bet part of its investments in what are called in the middle the “blue ships”.

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